CampMDA # 38

19th – 24th September, 1999
Lady Northcote, Rowsley


  1. Dominic Renye                         
  2. Clinton Woodman                                           
  3. Daniel Moran                                                   
  4. Brenton Powell                                    
  5. Russell Cameron                                                        
  6. Robert Healy                 
  7. Matthew Healy              
  8. Ryan Struk                     
  9. David Middleton            
  10. Andrew Kirkpatrick        
  11. Patrick Jackson             
  12. Dominic Di Battista        
  13. Garry Callejan               
  14. Michael Murdaca                      
  15. Dominic Murdaca                     
  16. Steven Vaughan                       
  17. Daniel Mc Guiness        
  18. Ian Hamer                                 
  19. Stewart Hayes


Boris M Struk
Paul Butler
Chris Soeterboek
Lesley Maloney
Stella Pentek
Angela Verberne
Bec Allen
Sandra Feeney
Angela Virgona
Shannyn Jennings
Letitia Kahle
Lisa Ellis
Roman Blumhoff
Bridget Kelly
Lisa Stevenson
Heidi Ryan
Jodie Trembath
Melissa Williams
Kristen Flynn
Kylie Wallace
Melanie Nasarczyk


Kirsten Soeterboek
Natalie Hyman
Fiona Paterson
Aaron Dix
Nicole Johnson
Robert Kapsa
Alan Quaife


Sunday 19th September – Camp MDA had a great kick off with approximately 70 people attending the first day family BBQ. We had Harley rides and some rides in very nice cars. After everyone left us we had our rooms allocated and then the good old introduction games commenced. After dinner we all watched a video “Dr Do-little”. This was a fun movie and then we called it a night.

Monday 20th September – The local unit from Bacchus Marsh SES visited in the morning and showed us how they performed a car accident rescue. They literally pulled a car apart. This was fun to see. A game of balloon soccer and an obstacle course finished off the day’s activities. Trivia was held in the evening and then it was bedtime.

Tuesday 21st September – After breakfast a dance lesson was taken by all of the campers. They seemed to enjoy this. The police dog squad visited in the afternoon with Ishka and Tilly. The girls put on a performance for us, which showed everyone just how smart dogs are. After the dogs left, yabbying took place and there were many yabbies to be caught. Once caught, yes they were thrown back in. Bingo was played in the evening and there was lots of money thrown around and won.

Wednesday 22nd September – The ferrets came to visit us in the morning. The smell that they left behind was not too pleasant. They were still very cute though. The snake man came in the afternoon with his pythons. They were ‘rapt’ to be there. Another video was watched in the evening.

Thursday 23rd September – Decoupage was the activity for the morning. AN aboriginal man came in an afternoon and we painted boomerangs. The later part of the afternoon was spent packing and resting. The night consisted of Karaoke which was fantastic and enjoyed by all.

Friday 24th September – After a huge and late night, everyone seemed to struggle out of bed in time for brunch. After the camper/carer photos were taken, the buses were loaded and we bid farewell to yet another successful camp.


The weather was sensational.

The carers were a great bunch, and all the campers had a great time.

Dominic Murdaca wanted to go home on Sunday night and then cried when he was going home on Friday afternoon.

The Karaoke was a great hit. Everyone at some stage hid their inhibitions and got up ad sang a tune or two or three. Some people became Karaoke hogs.