CampMDA # 4

14th – 17th April, 1991



1.Ryan Struk
2.Steven Lyon
3.Leon Leontyev
4.Laurie Hodgkisson
5.David Perram

Katherine Wishart
Ena Johnstone
Sarah Gamble
Mark West
Tim Kelso


Sunday 14th April – Travel to camp. Lunch at Healesville Sanctuary.

Monday 15th April – Visit Buxton Trout Farm and Marysville.

Tuesday 16th April – Tour of Lake Eildon and local sightseeing.

Wednesday 17th April – Return home. Lunch at the Black Spur.


Stayed in motel rooms with spas because the motel wasn’t very busy, resulting in the most luxurious camp ever! There was trout fishing at the trout farm where everyone caught fish! A visit to a Deer Farm was also a highlight. David Perram and Leon hid one of the girl’s teddies in the fridge and wasn’t found until the end of the trip. He was a little on the cold side!