CampMDA # 40

20th – 25th September, 1998
Lady Northcote Rowsley


  1. BJ Andrews                                                           
  2. Andrew Cornish                                                                
  3. Dominic Di Battista                                                
  4. Chris Green                                                           
  5. Jarrod Harvey                                                                   
  6. Patrick Jackson                                                                
  7. Andrew Kirkpatrick              
  8. Garth Lamont                                 
  9. Daniel Mc Guiness              
  10. Daniel Moran                                  
  11. Sam Rendell                        
  12. Kye Scholz                          
  13. Steven Vaughan     


Boris M Struk
Naomi Allen
Tamara Blake
Rocky Di Battista
Kirsten Soeterboek
Lisa Stevenson
Stella Pentek
Tracy Johnson
Bec Allen
Paul Butler
Ange Verberne
Aaron Brownley
Nicholas Hooper
Kylie Wallace
Melanie Forsyth


Alan Quaife
Robert Kapsa
Peter Doutch
Kristen Flynn


Monday 10th April – Upon arrival at camp, we had lunch, room allocations and free time to unwind and unpack.  The beauty about this camp is that it is so close to town that we were forever going there to get bits and pieces.  A video was watched in the evening.

Tuesday 11th April – A town tour was held in the morning which was well organised by the staff at Derby Hill.  In the afternoon we made some bath bombs and did some decoupage.  This was good fun and the bath bombs worked out really well.  A lady from animal welfare came in the evening and spoke to us about some animals native to Australia and after that we watched a video.

Wednesday 12th April – A small group of campers and carers went to the gnome factory in the morning and we collected some ornaments.  In the afternoon we went to Carmen’s Tunnel which is an old gold mining tunnel. The man who gave us the tour was most informative.  Bec and Naomi held a trivia night that evening and made people dress up for the occasion.  It was good fun.

Thursday 13th April – We went to visit the women’s prison again which was, once again, rather distressing.  We had two girls talk to us about their crimes and what they had done to be locked up.  In the afternoon we had all our visitors arrive and some people from DHS.  The afternoon consisted of indoor games as we had just got our first dose of rain.  We had our stock standard karaoke night which was good fun and needless to say a late night.

Friday 14th April – After a late night brunch was in order, pack up and go home.  Funny how when we are on camp we don’t want to go home but on the day of home time everyone is itching to get home.


The weather was kind to us and the staff at Derby Hill were fantastic.

The gnome man went off saying no rubby, rubby, but it was no rocky, rocky.  Ha!Ha!  We met his daughter who looked like a gnome as well.

Being close to town meant that there were many trips to the yummy lolly shop and all the other naughty things.

Once again, another good camp.