CampMDA # 41

4th July – 7th July 2000
Sunnystones, Bacchus Marsh


1. Daniel Moran                               
2. Shaun Mundy                                                
3. Ryan Struk                       
4. Andrew Kirkpatrick                      
5. David Middleton               
6. BJ Andrews                                 
7. Leon Leontyev                 
8. Kye Scholz                                  
9. Patrick Jackson               
10. Andrew Cornish             
11. Dominic Di Battista        
12. Russell Cameron                      
13. Lee Noyes


Nicole Morom
Stella Pentek
Hayley Factor
Ange Verberne
Einat Bardea
Noosh Shehni-Arzani
Liz Lurkey
Katrina Pyman
Rik Battenally
Anna Hindle
Kylie Wallace
Katherine Lancaster
Melanie Forsyth
Paul Butler


Chris Soeterboek
Kirsten Soeterboek


Tuesday 4th July – After leaving Moonee Ponds we arrived at camp for Big Macs for lunch.  They were a treat.  A series of introduction games were held then there was free time.  After dinner we watched a video and then an early night for all.

Wednesday 5th July – Today was a day where arts and crafts were conducted throughout the day.  It was a series of glass painting, bath bombs, and decoupage.  In the evening a game of bingo was held and that caused a bit of competition amongst campers and carers.

Thursday 6th July –  Mini Olympics were played today by camper carer teams.  The games consisted of scattegories, uno, scrabble and pictionary.  They were enjoyed by all.  In the evening the traditional party night seemed to be a little quieter this time around as the karaoke man did not come but cd’s seemed to have done the job.  It still ended up being a late drunken night for some – Leon, David and Dan.

Friday 7th April – we had two birthdays today – Andrew’s and Anges so we had a brunch which consisted of party food and birthday cakes.  It was all yummy.  After our camper/carer photos we loaded up and headed off home.  That was the end of yet another camp.