CampMDA # 42

24th September – 29th September 2000
Lady Northcote, Bacchus Marsh


1.Garry Callejan                                                          
2.Daniel Mc Guiness                            
3.BJ Andrews                                       
4.Ryan Struk                             
5.Lee Noyes                              
6,Zac Bartlett                             
7.Steve Vaughan                                 
8.Jarrod Harvey                         
9.Andrew Cornish                     
10.Patrick Jackson                    
11. Ian Hamer                           
12. Jamie Mc Bride                   
13. Kye Scholz                          
14. David Middleton                                         
15. Michael Murdaca                 
16. Dominic Murdaca                
17. Anthony Muscara                
18. Daniel Moran (wed-fri)        
19. Leon Leontyev                    
20. Dominic Di Battista             
21. Stewart Hayes



Boris M Struk
Stella Pentek
Bronwyn Parsons
Bronwen Tivendale
Emma Wardley
Helen Nixon
Nat Hyman
Naomi Allen (wed-fri)
Ange Verberne
Barbara Sutton
Narelle Wright
Lucy Wright
Aaron Brownley
Claire Buckley
Bec Allen
Okwadilwe Tlhabanelo
Kylie Wallace
Kaz Hughan
Lynda Kuilboer
Kirsten Scholz
Christina Lambros
Melanie Forsyth
Paul Butler


Robert Kapsa


Sunday 24th September – After arriving at camp Melton Rotary Club put on a BBQ lunch for us. There were about 80 people who joined us for the BBQ. We had Harley rides and a beautiful afternoon to boot.  The standard introduction games took place and a video was watched in the evening.

 Monday 25th September – The camp banner was started in the morning together with glass staining which seemed to be enjoyed by participants.  The medieval people from Kryal Castle came to visit us in the afternoon and put on a few skits which was a good show in some peoples opinion.  We played bingo at night.  It was great fun.

 Tuesday 26th September – Still raining today.  The rain hasn’t stopped for 2 days.  A huge hockey match was played this morning and although it was indoors it was still lots of fun.  The Boomerang Association came to visit in the afternoon and we flew boomerangs and played games.  Grouse! When night fell upon us there was a night display of boomerang flying which also involved fire works.  This was fantastic.

 Wednesday 27th September – T-shirt painting was on the agenda for the morning.  There were some great shirts painted.  We also played some initiative games in the morning; they got some people thinking about how to go about doing things.  In the afternoon the younger adventurous boys attempted horse riding. The older boys and their carers stayed back at the camp and watched the Olympics and began organising their skit.  The skits were held in the evening and were great.  Some of them were extremely funny, surprisingly enough.

Thursday 28th September – Some of the Army boys from Geelong Regiment came to visit for a few hours in the morning and put on a weapons display for us.  They also brought some ration packs for us to sample and camouflage cream which some people were eager enough to try on.  As this was the first day it had stopped raining since Monday we all had some serious fun in the sun come afternoon.  Some sat around, some canoed, some yabbied and others snoozed.  What a great way to finish the last afternoon at camp.  The last event organised for camp was of course Karaoke.  With our usual karaoke man out of action due to his son being born he sent a friend along to fill his place.  All of us were concerned come 8.00pm and there was no show, but come 8.15pm the Karaoke man arrived and our party got into full swing.

 Friday 29th September – After a late morning start, there were a few bleary eyes in the place, we had a yummy brunch, did our camper/carer photos and headed off home.  Yet another successful camp!


Although it rained for three days we still had the Olympics to entertain us and heaps of other activities.

The army boys put on a good show, and entertained us all for a few hours.

Last night is always good for a laugh.  There were a few drunken people at the party, and I am sure they weren’t very well the next day.