CampMDA # 47

20th January – 25th January 2001
Phillip Island Adventure Resort


1. BJ Andrews                                                                              
2. Zac Bartlett                                                                               
3. Brenton Powell                                                              
4. Geoff Brown                                                                             
5. Garry Callejan                  
6. Akshat Chand                  
7. Daniel Moran                   
8. Jack Foley                        
9. Leon Leontyev                 
10. Jorge Garcia                  
11. Justin Graham               
12. Jarrod Harvey                
13. Steven Grubb                
14. Kye Scholz                    
15. Jamie Mc Bryde             
16. Daniel Mc Guiness        
17. Dom Murdaca                
18. Michael Murdaca                       
19. James North-Coombes 
20.Douglas Robins              
21.Ryan Struk                                 
22.Steven Vaughan             
23. Peter Dolheguy
24. Alison Eaton
25. Ian Hamer                      
26. Stewart Hayes
27. Lee Noyes
28. Lance Jenkins
29. Jules North-Coombes
30. Angus Richter



Boris M Struk
Nat Hyman
Paul Butler
Peter Ryan
Aaron Graham
Rebecca Warner
Lynne Zeldenryk
Jenni Allen
Sarah Kluken
Luke Forbes
Stella Pentek
Tania Jenkinson
Jane Nicol
Giesel Garcia
Emma Harris
Tim Mc Neill
Josephine Woodward
Bianca Rinaldi
Kirstin Scholz
Andrew Palmer
Ros Brown
Tanya Barnes
Bronwyn Parsons
Michael Bourke
Laura Bodycoat


Melanie Forsyth
Robert Kapsa
Alan Quaife
Peter Doutch


Sunday 21st January – After a pick up at Moonee Ponds followed by a pick up at Cranbourne we were off too the start of camp at a brand new camp site.  Stopping off at San Remo for lunch, which consisted of yummy fish and chips, we then headed off to camp.  After settling in late afternoon we played the standard introduction games, had dinner and watched a video in the evening.

Monday 22nd January – This morning a guy from the Koala sanctuary came and talked to all of us about koalas and penguins.  This was a good lead up to the afternoon when we went to the koala sanctuary.  We got to see lots of koalas and how they live in their natural habitat.  Once finishing up here those who dared attempted the giant swing.  Whoa! It was scary. This was followed by a walk to the beach, it was cold and windy. A trivia night was conducted by the three placement students from Charles Sturt.  They made the night enjoyable and of course there were many arguments from the competitors.

Tuesday 23rd January – A maze‘n’things was in store in the morning and a few people got lost.  Unfortunately they were found.  The afternoon consisted of free time where some went swimming, some went walking and some just sat around and played games or just sat around.  We were all off to see the penguins at night.  They were gorgeous.  The evening was a little cool but seeing all the adorable little penguins made up for it.

Wednesday 24th January – For those who were keen to see the pelicans get fed in the morning loaded up and headed off.  Those in the transit van did not seem to spend much time on the road because as soon as they got out of the camp site they ran out of fuel.  The bus had to go and get a tin of fuel so the feeding of the pelicans did not go ahead.  As we were all loaded up we drove around Phillip Island and had a look at the sights.  What an eventful morning!  It was raining in the afternoon so we all sat around and did bits and pieces.  We had our usual party night and the karaoke man came along to entertain us.  A late night for some or even an early morning for others.

Thursday 25th January – After a delicious brunch we packed up, had our photo’s and headed off for home.  After a drop off at Cranbourne at 1.00pm we arrived at Moonee Ponds at 2.30pm.  Another end to a great week.


The weather for the whole week wasn’t that great but it forced people to stay indoors and get to know each other really well, so some great friendships were formed.

For those that ran out of juice in the transit van they had fun playing games while there was a wait to be re-fueled.  It added a bit of excitement to the week.

The karaoke night was great as always.  A lot of the singers were terrible but at least they gave it a go.

The brand new camp site was the best.  It has been purpose built for disabled people and all those in wheelchairs were excited.  The venue was sensational and in prime position to lots of activities.  Definitely going back there!