CampMDA # 5

29th September – 5th October, 1991



1.Joseph Autelitano
2.Michael Baptiste (NSW)
3.Jason Barnes
4.Nathan Briggs (NSW)
5.Darren Browne
6.Jenny Canaway
7.Michelle Davies (NSW)
8.Josh DeRoss
9.Raymond Deeb (NSW)
10.Greg Eldridge
11.Monica Ellis
12.Brice Ellison
13.Stephen Forrester
14.Jeremy Goding
15.Paul Gardiner
16.David Grimaldi (NSW)
17.Laurie Hodgkisson
18.Daniel Klemm
19.Garth Lamont
20.Leon Leontyev
21.Steve Lyon
22.Bradley & Jason Moore (NSW)
23.Danny Myers
24.Ben McKenzie
25.Richard McKinlay
26.Cathy Nirta (SA)
27.Bev O’Malley
28.David Perram
29.Nicholas Phillips (NSW)
30.Kevin Rachow (QLD)
31.Heath Ryan
32.Annette Sassano
33.John Scott (NSW)
34.Adam Sims (NSW)
35.Simon Smith (NSW)
36.Ryan Struk
37.Troy Stridman (NSW)
38.Steven Swift (NSW)
39.Simon Topich (ACT)
40.Michko Topich (ACT)
41.David Watts
42.Peter Wenzler

Andrew Borden
Catherine Boulter
Leah Braeside
James Browne
Tony Bowdler
Tracey Burn
Ronnie Calitto
Kerry Chatman
Warren Clarke
Sophia Cull
Kate Cunningham
Kylie Draper
Lesley Ferguson
Tim Fletcher
Amanda Fordham
Sarah Gamble
Luke Harris
Fiona Irvine
Nicole Johansson
Ena Johnstone
Bob Knight
Nicole Male
June Milici
Ron McKenzie
Jennifer Mc Knight
Felicity McNamara
Derith Morland
Jacqui Nankervis
Cathy Olive
Simone Reitmier
Lyn Robinson
Trish Ryall
Garry Ryan
Jacinta Scanlon
Neil Simons
Jenny Sullivan
Jacinta Verteegan
Bob Irvine
Boris M Struk

Sunday 29th September – Travel to Pucka. Unpack, orientation, rules and getting to know you games.

Monday 20th September – Army Fire Brigade visit. Visit Tank museum. Night walk.

Tuesday 1st October – Hot air balloon display. Visit BMX track. Display from SES. Visit to rifle range and swimming.

Wednesday 2nd October – Military Police visit. Older campers to Mitchelton Winery. Trivia night.

Thursday 3rd October – Radio – controlled airplane display. Visit transport engineering department for tank inspections. Campfire at night.

Friday 4th October – Visit Military Transport Museum. Kite competition.

Saturday 5th October – Pack up and go home.


It was the first National MD Camp which is the big highlight. The fire brigade wet a few of the boys with their display. The SES demonstrated how they used the Jaws of Life to rescue people who were in car accidents. The military police got the speed cameras onto the wheelchairs, and clocked most between 22 and 39 kph. The trivia night caused some fierce rivalry but was an excellent success. A hot air balloon came but it was too windy for anyone to go up in it. The firing range was good with target shooting a definite highlight, using real bullets. Lots of friendships were developed and everyone went home exhausted.