CampMDA # 51

19th January – 24th January 2003
Phillip Island


1. Ryan Struk
2. Jack Dexter
3. Akshat Chand
4. Daniel Mc Guiness
5. Dom Di Battista
6. Dan Moran
7. Justin Graham
8. George Garcia
9. Andrew Cornish
10.James North-Coombes
11.Angus Richter
12.Lee Noyes
13.Alison Eaton
14.Jules North-Coombes
15.Annette Sassano
16.Kye Scholz
17.Russell Cameron
18.Doreen Saliba
19.Nick Munro
20.James Slattery
21.Leon Leontyev
22.Stewart Hayes
23.Nick Fryer
24.Allan Brown
25.Ian Hamer
26.Jamie Mc Bryde
27.Andrew Cornish
28.Nick Munro
29.Jamie Mc Bryde
30.Shaun Mundy
31.Melva Chambers
32.Sean Chambers


Melanie Forsyth
Boris M Struk
Sarah Kluken
Don Chambers
Chris Soeterboek
Anne Brown
Chris Slattery
Giesel Garcia
Sophie Siegel
Nicole Roberts
Dave Spark
Kali Vincent
Melissa Ho
Michael Sutton
Emma Harris
Kirstin Scholz
Frank Saliba
Aaron Graham
Stella Pentek
Michael Bourke
Tim Mc Neill
Julia Mihalic
Tanya Jenkinson
Tegan Hinchcliffe
Melissa Grove
Nicole Roberts
Shaun Dexter
Rochelle Barnard
Tom Bevitt


Bill Schlink
Bernie Maguan
Peter Doutch



Sunday 19th January – After picking everyone up we stopped at San Remo for lunch which consisted of fish and chips.  We got to the camp site late afternoon where we unpacked, unwound and did our introductions.  After dinner we had an activity which involved team work.  The teams were set up and had to stay that way for all activities for the week to earn points.  A puzzle book was started for the first activity.

Monday 20th January – Went to see the pelicans get fed this morning.  Gee they are hungry little munchkins.  After lunch we played a game of charades and strategies in our teams.  This was followed by a memory game.  The Charles Sturt students held the nights activity with a big board game.

Tuesday 21st January – Origami and bubbles were made in the morning.  Just after lunch VEWSA visited and held a hockey demonstration.  All campers got involved in the games.  A fashion parade was held in the afternoon which consisted of people getting dressed up in shopping bags.  From here we played a game called egg catcher.  Heaps of fun.  We had a movie night in the evening.

Wednesday 22nd January – In the morning a visit to the Koala Sanctuary was in order.  Cute to see those little things in their “natural” habitat.  An obstacle course and swimming took up the afternoon.  A game of food olympics was held in the evening.  When one team got disqualified for cheating a full on chocolate pudding war broke out.  There was pudding on everyone and everywhere.  What a sight to see.

Thursday 23rd January – As the day turned out to be beautiful, a lot of people went swimming again for the day. The others played ping pong and board games.  It was a leisurely day.  Mr Karaoke strummed those tunes for our final evening party.  Again some terrible voices were heard.

Friday 24th January – After a late night a sleep was in order for all.  Brunch was served and camper/carer photo’s were taken.  Then we were on our way home.  What an end to yet another great camp.


The food fight was fun for all who participated.

The evening after dinner walks were great fun.  Helped us walk off dinner.

The weather and the venue was kind to us.  Sunny skies and reasonably good food always keeps campers and carers happy.