CampMDA # 52

22nd April – 24th April, 2003
Travelodge, Melbourne


1. Jack Dexter
2. Dom Di Battista
3. Ryan Struk
4. Daniel Moran
5. James Slattery
6. Andrew Cornish
7. Ben Clark
8. Zac Clark


Boris M Struk
Sutha Thirumoorthy
Nat Hyman
Chris Soeterboek
Tania Jenkinson
Julia Mihalic
Michael Bourke
Jan Smith
Brian Smith
Melanie Forsyth



Tuesday 22nd April – Having a camp in the heart of the city was a first in Camp MDA history.  We all met at 10.30am at the Travelodge, Southbank.  From there we went to investigate the all new Federation Square.  After lunch at McDonalds a visit to the observation deck filled the afternoon.  After a late afternoon check-in we went to Sante’ at the Casino complex for a buffet dinner.  It was really yummy.  Analyze That was the in-house movie for the evening.

Wednesday 23rd April – After a yummy cooked buffet breakfast we all headed off to the Aquarium.  The shark feeding seemed to be the most interesting part of the tour.  Following lunch at the Southbank food court, a tour of Telstra Dome was organised.  Due to all the walking, Jack and Dom’s chairs went flat.  They had to catch a taxi back to the hotel.  We went back to Sante’ for dinner and then hung around in the evening in each others room.

Thursday 24th April – Due to the light rain a visit to Polly Woodside was cancelled.  We ended up going to King Pin at the casino.  Bowling seems to be a competitive sport.  We had lunch at the Casino and then headed off to the Travelodge for everyone to get picked up to go home.


We had great weather to get around for the few days away.

Staying in the heart of the city was fantastic.  Everything seemed to be accessible from where we were.