CampMDA # 54

21st – 26th September, 2003
Lady Northcote, Bacchus Marsh


  1. Ryan Struk                                                  
  2. Andrew Cornish                                                     
  3. Dominic Di Battista                                     
  4. Nick Fryer                                                               
  5. Daniel Mc Guiness                                     
  6. Jamie MCBryde                                                                            
  7. John Fastuca            
  8. Russell Cameron                 
  9. Annette Sassano                 
  10. James-North-Coombes       
  11. Jules North-Coombes         
  12. Justin Graham                     
  13. Daniel Moran            
  14. Lee Noyes
  15. Fiona Philbey
  16. Kerrin Philbey


Boris M Struk
Stella Pentek
Renee Lucas
Michael Bourke
Louise Barnes
Tim Holland
Sarah Kluken
Lauren Stewart
Jane Harrison
Brianna Kirk
Tara Carroll
Julia Mihalic
Aaron Graham
Sabrina Pell
David Spark


Melanie Forsyth
Natalie Hyman
Bill Schlink
Alan Quaife
Peter Doutch & family


Sunday 21st September – We arrived at Lady Northcote camp just before lunch time and the Rotary Club provided BBQ for us all. The Harley drivers came as always and provided rides for both carers and campers. After some informal introductions between campers and carers the groups split up and unpacked their belongings in the assigned rooms. Formal introductions between the whole group of campers and carers took place next which provided a good opportunity to get to know each individual. Due to many few faces attending this camp introduction games were played, this ensured that everyone felt comfortable with each other and got to know all others attending. After a great dinner, as always, everyone was exhausted and we all relaxed and watched a movie.

Monday 22nd September – This morning we enjoyed arts and crafts which consisted of making balloon animals. The activity and level of participation was exceptional as teams bonded. In the afternoon we had a puzzle book challenge, where each team had to work together to exercise their communication skills. After another appetizing dinner the ‘Food Olympics’ involved food, lots of laughter, lots of mess and lots of cleaning up!!! The activity was a great success as everyone really got involved.

Tuesday 23rd September – In the morning the obstacle course all those early birds busy, while the rest had a sleep in after a late night. Lunch was followed by some more arts and craft, everyone had to make a mask for themselves for the ‘Masquerade’ party night on Thursday. Great effort by everyone left the activities area full of feathers and glitter. The day ended with a bingo night.

Wednesday 24th September – Everyone enjoyed a free morning to finish off their masks for the party night. Some of the army boys came after lunch and bought yummy ration packs for us all to trial. They also bough some camouflage cream, with which everyone was covered soon enough. The last night at camp as usual included Karaoke. It was a very colourful evening as everyone wore their masks and the party went on late into the night.

Friday 26th September – After a late morning start, with most people sleeping in and having to rush to brunch, we did our camper/carer and group photos. We were packed and on our way home on time. Finish to another great camp!!


Although it was extremely windy for most of the week, we enjoyed great sunshine right until the last day.

There were heaps of people that went for a ride on the Harley, but thanks to brave Nick Fryer, who had the first go, some of the older guys went too including Russell and Justin, it was great to see.