CampMDA # 55

19th – 23rd January, 2004
Coonawarra Farm Resort



  1. Aaron Gillin                                                      
  2. Christopher Gillin                                 
  3. Angus Richter                                                 
  4. James North-Coombes                       
  5. Jules North-Coombes   
  6. Jorge Garcia                  
  7. Kokona Meddings                    
  8. Michael Murdaca                      
  9. Patrick Jackson             
  10. Andrew Cornish            
  11. Dominic Di Battista        
  12. Varun Behl                    
  13. Doreen Saliba               
  14. Jamie McBryde              
  15. Kye Scholz                    
  16. Jack Dexter                   
  17. Dom Murdaca                
  18. Russell Cameron                      
  19. Nick Fryer                                 
  20. Justin Graham               
  21. Dan Moran                     
  22. Ryan Struk                     
  23. Stewart Hayes
  24. Lee Noyes



Boris M Struk
Mandy Gillin
Peter Richter
Tara Carroll
Kirsten Scholz
Bianca Rinaldi
Tim McNeill
Frank Saliba
Julia Mihalic
Michael Bourke
Aaron Graham
Chris Soeterboek
Louise Barnes
Jane Harrison
Tim Holland
Tania Jenkinson
Ashley Gillin
Brianna Kirk
Lauren Stewart
Renee Lucas
Bianca Brasser
Sabrina Pell
Giesel Garcia
David Spark


Melanie Forsyth
Anna Fadljevic
Stella Pentek
Bill Schlink


Monday 19th January – After a delayed start due to packing the trailer, we finally hit the road. One fuel stop and an hour and a half later we arrived at Derby Hill camp. For most of the carers this was their second MDA camp, so many of the camper/carer pairs were already acquainted. New camper and carer pairs were then split up and rooms were assigned, the group dividing to unpack their belongings etc. After a brief welcome speech, the camp rules were explained and we all sat down for our first meal at Derby Hill. Due to an exhausting first day we all decided to watch ‘Zoolander’, which was enjoyed by all.

Tuesday 20th January – It was a warm morning that camp MDA rose to on our second day. After breakfast we did an orienteering course through the historic town of Maldon, this gave us the chance to see all this beautiful town had to offer. In the afternoon we all headed down to the local pool to spend a last afternoon by the cool water. In the evening the CSU students took over for the night playing a series of party games which was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved.

Wednesday 21st January – Once again it was another hot Maldon day and early in the morning the camp was divided into two groups to see the Carmen’s Tunnel Gold Mine. This was a very educational and enjoyable tour that was a great experience. In the afternoon we did a specially designed camp MDA map reading adventure around Derby Hill, and finished off the afternoon by starting our arts and craft project which was a painted banner. A trivia night was held after dinner with the competition becoming rather heated and very close.

Thursday 22nd January – The hot weather had all but disappeared by the forth day of camp which was a great relief for all. We began the day with the much anticipated wheelchair races. The reigning champion, Jamie McBryde showed us all that he will retain his crown for some time yet. In the afternoon it was time to pack up and clean up. In the evening we put on our own karaoke night in which the campers used their own CD’s to sing along to.

Friday 23rd January – After a late start due to some of the campers and carers staying up late to watch the cricket, we had a quick brunch and had our camper/carer photos. We were packed and on the road by the set time. All in all it was a successful and most enjoyable camp.


Kokona Meddings built up the courage and confidence to get back into the pool after a ten year hiatus and Chris and Aaron Gillin showing everyone just how karaoke is really done!!