CampMDA # 57

6th – 9th July, 2004
Travelodge, Southbank



1. Ryan Struk                                              
2. Dom Murdaca                                                    
3.Michael Murdaca                          
4. Dom DiBattista                 
5. Verun Behl                                  
6. James North-Coombes   
7. Jules North-Coombes     
8. Jamie Mcbryde                
9. Kye Scholz                                  
10. Jorge Garcia                  
11. John Fastuca                 
12. Luke David                     
13. Thomas McGann                      
14. Tom Brown                    
15. Greg Eldridge                
16. Jack Dexter           



Chris Soeterboek
Kirsten Scholz
Tara MacDonald
Susan Coon
Grace/Matt David
Julia Mihalic
Heather Batson
Jack Langley
Jenny Brown
Cathy Sanders
Tim Holland
Gail Shepherd
Lyn Barber
Bianca Rinaldi
Debbie Harnett
David Spark
Stella Pentek
Rayleen Jones


Boris M Struk
Chrissy Forman


Tuesday 6th July – At 10.30am we all met at the Travelodge at Southbank.  Everyone either arriving early or being right on time.  The group then went to the food court and had a big lunch.

After our stomachs were full and our minds sharp, we then set off on an orienteering expedition which was done in our team groups.  It was a tour of the city and an item of choice was to be taken from the landmark to prove that the group was there.

After the activity we checked ourselves in to the Travelodge and settled in until it came time for dinner.  We sat down at Sante’ for an all you can eat extravaganza, and then we walked to Strike bowling to meet up with two members of the Victorian Police (Del and Brendan) who provided the night’s activity for us.

Wednesday 7th July – After a good nights rest we headed off to the zoo for a day of exploration.  The zoo was great, up to its usual standard.  It was good to see the new elephant enclosure and all the animals looked happy and settled in.  We had a good lunch and due to the rain were forced to cut the day short and head back to the hotel to warm up and recharge for the night ahead.

After another dinner at Sante’ we went to the Circus Oz which was at Birrarung Marr.  This was a fantastic night full of acrobats, contortionists, and stunt men and women.

The circus was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the poor weather had no chance of dampening our spirits.

Thursday 8th July – We all enjoyed a big sleep in today and many of the campers had showers in the morning.  We met for lunch and headed to Macca’s to fill our tummy’s.

We met once again at the Travelodge for a photo for the Herald-Sun, then the individual groups went their separate ways to participate in a scavenger hunt.

After a late-afternoon nap the group met for the final dinner at Sante’ and then we went back to the Travelodge to participate in some party games.  We had a birthday cake for Jules and Jorge and announced the winners of the group activities.  After gorging ourselves with lollies, soft-drink, and chips the group went their separate ways for the final time.

Friday 9th July – The final morning was a rushed pack-up and by midday we all had an appetite of epic proportions.  After lunch it was time for pick-up and some of the parents were waiting for us as we arrived back at Travelodge!


John Fastuca showing everyone that he is not to be messed with at the bowling alley.

Rayleen’s newly acquired pet monkey that she got from the zoo.

Greg Eldridge’s results at the Hockey Bowl.