CampMDA # 59

9th – 14th January, 2005
Urban camp, Parkville


  1. Ryan Struk                                           
  2. Dominic Murdaca                                            
  3. Michael Murdaca                                             
  4. Dominic Di Battista                   
  5. Mitch Donaldson                       
  6. James North-Coombes 
  7. Jules North-Coombes   
  8. Jamie McBryde              
  9. Kye Scholz                    
  10. Andrew Cornish            
  11. John Fastuca                
  12. Luke David                    
  13. Tom McGann                 
  14. Myles Ward                   
  15. Doreen Saliba               
  16. Jorge Garcia                  
  17. Nick Munro                    
  18. Russell Cameron                      
  19. Leon Leontyev              
  20. Varun Behl                    
  21. Jack Dexter                   
  22. Justin Graham               
  23. Matthew Maugeri                      
  24. Daniel Maugeri              
  25. George Tsakoumis       
  26. Dan Moran                     
  27. Nick Fryer                                 
  28. Chris Fryer                     
  29. Ian Hamer
  30. Lee Noyes


Boris M Struk
Tim Holland
Chris Soeterboek
Sue Donaldson
Leah Rotin
Amie Meads
Robina Hancock
Cassie McGann
Tim McNeill
Rachel David
Bianca Rinaldi
Coutney Agland
Leah Rotin
Frank Saliba
Lindsay Eames
Mark Johnstone
Cinthia Garcia
Kelly Hammond
Ally Lambell
Sarah Leslie
Aaron Graham
Ann Arciuli
Alicia Tavare
Caroline Simpson
Julia Mihalic
Sarah Austin
Rebecca Doneley
Ken Forbes
Melanie Dillon
David Spark
Rayleen Jones
Stella Pentek


Bill Schlink
Kevin Fryer
Scott Schlink



Sunday 9th January – We all met at the Urban camp right on schedule, the BBQ was instantly fired up and a feast of sausages, hamburgers and the like was prepared by Boris. Once our belly’s were full then we all met up in the main hall for a short spiel by David and some introduction games. Badges were the next activity due to the large number of campers and carers and the fact that David can barely remember his own name let alone 60 other people.  The camper and carer pairs were split up to organise their rooms and get settled in. At around quarter to six we all walked, rolled and made our way to the MDA office for Pizza and a movie. ‘I Robot’ was the film for this evening which was enjoyed by all.

Monday 10th January – Once we were all up and about, and most of us had eaten breakfast the games began for the young and intermediate groups. It was giant board games which were run by the CSU students. Mean while the adults had an extended lie in and then were off to the botanic gardens for a guided tour. This lasted most of the day but was thoroughly enjoyed by the group as the flora was amazing. Back at the camp the young and intermediate groups enjoyed a hockey demonstration by VEWSA, and then participated in games themselves. The evening activity was red faces which was outstanding, with everyone getting involved and having a go. This was followed by a game of murder in the dark which was equally as good.

Tuesday 11th January – Today was the big day out at Camp MDA. A special train was organised by Connex in order to get us safely into the city. It was a brand new train that most of us had never seen the likes before. We then split into three groups and attended planned activities. The young group went to the rialto with Dave and co, the intermediate group went to the Museum with Stella and co, and finally the adult group went to the National Gallery Of Victoria with Rayleen and Co. At around four we all made our way back tot eh camp and met up there to have a big drink and a little rest before dinner. The activity for the evening was a special MDA bingo night.

Wednesday 12th January – Another hot day at camp did not deter us from having fun. In the morning the young group went on a tour of the State Hockey and Netball Centre, and was lucky enough to see the Melbourne Tigers training for the big game that night. The adults had a free morning and took the opportunity to sleep in a little. In the afternoon the young group went to the Werribee Zoo and saw a baby rhino. Unfortunately he was tired and was having a sleep whilst we were there. Back at camp the adults and the intermediate group went on the hockey tour and started some art and craft. In the evening we all participated in a trivia night.

Thursday 13th January – Today was the hottest of all of the days that we experienced at camp but that did not deter us. We all participated in our own Olympics and then the campers led a blind folded carer around an obstacle course. The provided many a laugh and even a few sore shins! In the afternoon we all got stuck onto our art and craft, and then a few of the boys played a few games of wheelchair soccer. We all tried to stay cool by spraying each other with water bottles, although a few people got a little bit carried away and ended up drenched!!!  We began our pack-up and all tuned our vocal chords for the Karaoke night ahead. This time we hired a machine which was fantastic and the level of participation was the best yet. Well done to all the boys and girls for getting in there and having a go.

Friday 14th January – As per usual we had our mid morning brunch of bacon and eggs which was appreciated greatly by all concerned. We finished our pack-up and then had our camper/carer photos. By the time we had finished it was time to say good bye and for everyone to head home. The camp was fun times for all an we were able to cater for the needs of all ages. Yet another successful Camp MDA.


 Dom, Jorge, Kye, Jamie and Michael finally singing a song on the Karaoke night

ŸGeorge Tsakoumis and his enormous range of knowledge in regard to Harry Potter during the trivia night

ŸMatthew Maugeri’s equally impressive knowledge of the Simpsons

ŸAnd finally…..Frank and Doreen’s skit that they performed for us all on the red faces night. They had the    whole room singing along.