CampMDA # 6

January, 1992



1.Darren Sinkinson
2.Joseph Autelitano
3.Jeremy Goding
4.Danny Myers
5.Peter Wenzler
6.Steve Lyon
7.David Perram
8.Ryan Struk
9.Ben McKenzie
10.Laurie Hodgkisson


Jennifer McKnight
Jacqui Ridley
Andrew Borden
Catherine Boulter
Warren Clarke
Simone Reitmier
Fiona Hodgkisson
Tim Kelso
Ron McKenzie


 Activities included:

A visit to the glow worms

Ÿa visit to Flagstaff Hill in Warrnambool.

Ÿa trip to Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell and Lochard Gorge.

and a few games of hockey and swimming.


 The obstacle course was a big highlight. There was a tremendous game of Pictionary played until the early hours of the morning. There were several people who were fond of skinny dipping in the river!