CampMDA # 60

April 4th – 8th , 2005
Derby Hill, Maldon


1. Ryan Struk                                              
2. Don Moran                                              
3. Justin Graham                                                               
4. Leon Lyontiev                                                     
5. Kokona Meddings                                                                     
6. Stewart Hayes                  
7. Lee Noyes  
8. Jamie McBryde                            
9. Kye Scholz                                  
10. Dominic Renye                          
11. Luke David                                
12. Thomas McGann                       
13. Dominic Di Battista                    
14. James North Coombes              
15. Jules North Coombes                
16. Jorge Garcia                   
17. Varun Behl                                 
18. Jordan Sobotka              
19. Jasmine El-Shawy                     
20. Kiralee Dixon                             
21. Doreen Saliba            


Stella Pentek
Boris M Struk
Tim Holland
Michael Bourke
Vicki Myerscough
Krystal Wallis
Robert Barber
Sheree Barby
Frank Saliba
Jessica Bloore
Angela Blampied
Anne Archiuli
Bianca Rinaldi
Leah Rotin
Pat Moroney
May Barber
Cassie McGann
Zoe Ballentine
Ken Forbes
Anastasia Preston
Rachel David


Bill Schlink
Michelle DiPietro
John Sobotka
David Spark
Robert Kapsa



Monday 4th April – All arrived at Maldon right on time. After camper/carer introductions, everyone went to find their rooms and unpack. Just as we about to start the afternoon introduction games, a reporter and photographer from the Castlemaine local paper arrived. Three camper/carer teams went off on a photo shoot for the paper, while everyone else got busy making name tags. Introduction games included “I did something you haven’t done…” which was a definite laugh, as were another couple of get to know each other games, as there was a few first timers. All camper/carers were divided into five teams, in which they will be competing and gathering team points throughout the camp.

Night activity was a ‘Game Show & Quiz Night’, something a bit different form the usual ‘Trivia Night’. Teams choose from a number of categories and answer the question (which ranged form easy to hard) to score points. Between each round there were a number of puzzles and quiz pages for teams to solve.

Tuesday 5th April – After a yummy breakfast, everyone joined in for ‘Paper Fun’ Arts and Crafts. There was different origami to make (this included jumping frog and flower balls), and for the less adventurous there were simple paper planes.

After a BBQ lunch out in the sunshine, teams got ready for the afternoon activities. These included an ‘Orientation Quiz around Maldon’ and an ‘Alphabet Scavenger Hunt’. After all of the teams came back, with carers all exhausted from the hours long walk, everyone made their way to the basketball courts for the ‘Grouping Game’. Everyone had lots of fun running around the court and trying no to get eliminated.

Dinner consisted on chicken pieces and veggies. After dinner the whole group set off to visit the Maldon CFA, where volunteers and staff gave us an educational talk on the fire station, equipment they have, what everyone does and is involved in, educational and other requirements. Then we had a tour of the facility and everyone went to have a look at the radio room.

Wednesday 6th April – Breakfast was again followed by Art and Craft’s. Everyone received mouldable clay and had to put their imagination to use, as the most creative inventions received points which were added to team totals. Just before lunch half of the groups set off for the ‘Tourism Railway’ Train ride, while the other half got stuck into the ‘Puzzle Book’. The steam train departed the Maldon train station and took about 40 min to reach Castlemaine, where we had sandwiches for lunch. Then we enjoyed the ride back, while munching on jam donuts. By the time the first group reached the Maldon station, the second group was there, ready to board the train. Dinner was fish and chips and it was a rushed affair, as we had to get ready for the story teller, who arrived promptly at seven. It proved to be a very entertaining hour or so, as he told a number of funny poems. Afterwards we all gathered around the massive bon fire, drank Billy tea, made damper and toasted marshmallows.

Thursday 7th April – It was a bit tough to get up this morning, but after a hearty breakfast everyone was ready for the visit to the ‘Gnome Factory’. After a good look around the ‘Gnome Wonderland’, located in the large back yard and the countless unsuccessful attempts to persuade two large cockatoos to speak, everyone found a spot in the work shed. Then we had a very detailed lesson on how to make gnomes and everyone got a gnome of their own to take home, paint and put in their garden. After lunch teams gathered for an afternoon of team challenges, starting with the ‘Fashion Parade’. This entailed teams to come up with most creative ‘outfits’ using only toilet paper and pink plastic bags. By the time the parade finished everyone’s stomachs were sore form so much laughing. Followed were a number of ‘quieter’ games, including building a tallest statue using sticks only, charades and scategories.

Friday 8th April – All woke up quite late but still managed to pack and make it in time for brunch, which consisted of the usual finger foods. Then we had the camper/carer and group photos. By this time it was time to say goodbye to yet another successful Camp MDA.


When the head fireman (just after finishing his talk on safety) accidentally forgot the turn off the fire hose before turning the engine off, which resulted in campers and carers standing close by getting rather wet!!