CampMDA # 61

June 28th – July 1st  2005
River Village Motel and Holiday Units, Echuca


1. Ryan Struk                                            
2. Stewart Hayes                  
3. Lee Noyes
4. Stephanie Cassin                       
5. Doreen Saliba                            
6. Albert Swan
7. Jamie McBryde                          
8. Kye Scholz                                
9. Luke David                     
10. Thomas McGann                     
11. Dominic Di Battista                  
12. James North Coombes            
13. Jules North Coombes              
14. Jorge Garcia                            
15. Varun Behl                       
16. Brendan Strongman (NSW)    


David Spark
Leah Rotin
Frank Saliba
Bianca Rinaldi
Kirstan Scholz
Caterina Hannon
Cassie McGann
Jade Goodge
Ken Forbes
Ann Arciuli
Tim Holland
Peter Strongman
Mark Johnston
Stella Pentek



Tuesday 28th June – Met at the MDA at 10 am. Once all loaded we headed for Echuca, picking up two people on the way. Stopped in Heatcote and had a pastry for lunch, before arriving at the campsite around 3pm. As it was a lovely sunny day, everyone basked in the sun until the introductions. Welcomed Brendan, his dad Peter and Albert Swan, as it was their first time at Camp MDA. Had fish and chips for dinner. Afterwards, everyone grouped off to watch their favorite program on Thursday night (as the ‘OC’ is un-missible television) and had popcorn. Early night as everyone was exhausted form the long drive up.

Wednesday 29th June – After the breakfast, everyone settled in to do some art and crafts, with choice between making pom-pom animals and painting. It was another beautifully sunny day as we all loaded to go to the Kyabram Fauna Park. We had a set lunch at the park before going to explore the park in smaller groups. With lots to do and see the afternoon went quickly at the park. Came back to the campsite for roast chicken dinner and had ice cream for dessert. After dinner activity was the trivia night. It consisted of seven rounds of questions, each round containing questions on a specific topic. ‘Menza timed quiz’ and ‘who am i?’ were also a part of the trivia night.

Thursday 30th June – Woke up to a rainy and cold day. Much anticipated trip to the dairy farm had to be cancelled and was replaced by the Scavenger hunt. After the BBQ lunch at the campsite and with the help of lots of umbrellas we loaded everyone and went to the Bowling Alley for the afternoon. Played two games in total and everyone had a wonderful time. Had lasagna, followed by the apple crumble for dinner. For the evening activity each group got some pay-do and list of things to create. This was a great activity as everyone really got into it and created some amazing things. Afterwards we had some ‘Balloon magic’ as everyone attempted to created balloon animals.

Friday 1st July – Woke up to another rainy day. Once up, all had brunch and camper/carer photos before packing up to go. After a long drive arrivied back at the MDA office.


Another successful camp, despite the rainy weather. Making of the balloon animals was great and everyone has a great time.