CampMDA # 62

18th – 23rd September, 2005
Lady Northcote Recreational Camp, Bacchus Marsh


1. Ryan Struk                                                        
2. Nick Fryer                                               
3. Chris Fryer                                                         
4. Kerrin Philbey                                                                
5. Dom Di Battista                                                             
6. Luke David                                  
7. Tom McGann                   
8. Doreen Saliba                  
9. Broadie D’Amico              
10. Garry Callejan                
11. Dan Moran                     
12. Justin Graham               
13. Russell Cameron                      
14. Kye Scholz                    
15. Adam Linton (NZ)                     
16. Sam Flipp (NZ)              
17. Nicole Flipp (NZ)           
18. Brendan Buesnel                      
19. Ian Hamer                                 
20. Lee Noyes
21. Ryan Deayton                
22. Shaun Deayton  
23. Greg Eldridge                
22. Jessie Stevens              
23. Jack Knox                                  
24. Garcia Yous                   
25. Jamie McBryde              
26. James North-Coombes 
27. Jules North Coombes   
28. Matthew Maugeri                      
29. Daniel Maugeri              
30. Dom Murdaca                
31. Michael Murdaca                       
32. Jorge Garcia                  
33. Andrew Cornish             
34. Nicholas Munro              
35. John Fastuca                 
36. Kiralee Dixon                 
37. Dom Renye    


Boris M Struk
Stella Pentek
Craig Servinis
Jessica McLean
Skye Warren
Kristy French
Krissy Deckert
Leahnee Jenner
Jessica Lovel
Krystal Wallis
Louise King
Erin Fisher
Zoellen Eddie
Emma Coombe
Ammie Haddrill
Sarah Carter
Peter Hill
Leah Rotin
Cherene Ferry
Kathryn Torney
Mark Johnstone
Janette Flipp (NZ)
Cilicia Smith
Sian Field
Alexander Bennett (NZ)
Susan Linton (NZ)
Aaron Graham
Ann Arciuli
Tim McNeill
Frank Saliba
Tim Holland
Kerry Ramsdale
Robin Mc Connell
Rachel David
Cassis McGann
Ken Forbes
Aaron Edwards
Bree O’Connor
Caroline Simpson


David Spark
Bill Schlink
Chris Soeterboek
Amy Fryer
Kevin Fryer



Sunday 18th September

The camp began with an open day at the camp site with a sausage sizzle held by Rotary. Whilst campers and carers became acquainted, fairy floss and popcorn was enjoyed by all.  As always the Harley’s put on a good display, giving rides to those who were interested. The highlight of the afternoon was an acoustic performance by Magic Dirt who were fantastic. The members of the group hung around and chatted to the campers for the rest of the afternoon. Campers and carers then got settled into their rooms and introduction activities were played. After dinner the movie ‘Robots’ was shown.

Monday 19th September

The morning was filled with arts and crafts with some campers making play doh whilst other made various objects using origami. There was also a camp banner that everyone could paint on.  We were extremely lucky to get a visit from the police helicopter. It landed right in the camp grounds so everyone could get a good look inside. After lunch we had Kevin Fryer give us a demonstration with his model aircrafts. He held a competition to see which camper could keep the aircraft in the sky the longest. After dinner the campers and carers got into their groups and we played team games that consisted of making a big structure our of tubing and string, play doh creations and making a parachute for an egg. These activities got everyone involved and everyone had a good time, especially testing the effectiveness of their egg parachutes.

Tuesday 20th September

Today we had a huge hot air balloon come to camp. It was in the shape of a massive house. It was really interesting to see one up close and we got a chance to look inside it and feel the fabric. Unfortunately it couldn’t fly due to bad weather but it was still good fun. In the afternoon we watched a model car display that consisted of ramps and jumps. There were all different types of cars including mini minors and proper racing cars. Some campers got a change to control the cars and race each other. Although we had a few spills it was a fun afternoon. Later that afternoon we got a special visit from the CFA who gave us a talk about their role in the fire brigade. They showed us all the capabilities of the trucks and gave some campers a squirt of their hose. They even had the central dispatch unit in Melbourne say hi to camp MDA over the radio. Tuesday evening was spent with a trivia night organized by the FFYA participants.

Wednesday 21st September

Wednesday morning teams got together and did a scavenger hunt where they had to fine many items, some man made some natural. Teams were very creative in their collecting. After lunch as it was such a nice day we all went yabbying in the dam. We were lucky enough to catch some big ones!! Teams then participated in a photo treasure hunt and a riddle hunt around the grounds of the campsite. Before dinner the army arrived and prepared us all for our evening activity the ‘escape and evade’. All campers and carers got dressed up in army camouflage and war paint. After dinner the ‘escape and evade’ took place and everyone had a ball.

Thursday 22nd of September

Thursday was a very jam packed day. We began the day with a performance by performing pets. It was very funny. All of the pets involved had been rescued from a homeless shelter. Following performing pets stunt masters showed us some stunt videos and some basic stunts. After lunch we got to see more stunts, even setting a man on fire!  After the stunt men had left we were shown a documentary by David Smith and he did a little talk about it. Finally all the campers and carers got dressed up for the final party night that was a Halloween theme. There were many scary costumes and all involved had a really good time. We were also lucky enough to have two singers come along for part of the night to entertain us.

Friday 23rd September

The final day of camp was basically spent packing up and saying goodbye to the campers. Some campers were picked up, the bus was packed up and we headed back to Melbourne. Overall the week was fantastic. It was good to have lots of new activities along with some old favourites. I think that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.



  • Escape and Evade
  • Stunt Masters
  • Police Helicopter
  • Halloween party night