CampMDA # 63

22nd – 27th January, 2006
Lady Northcote, Bacchus Marsh


1. Ryan Struk                                             
2. Nick Fryer                                    
3. Chris Fryer                                                         
4. Mitch Donaldson (TAS)   
5. Tom McGann                                                                
6. Luke David                                                                               
7. Dom Di Battista                                                             
8. Dan Moran                                                                    
9. Brodie D’Amico                                                             
10. Brendan Paddy (NT)     
11. Ooenshi Green (NT)      
12. Jack Dexter                    
13. Stewart Hayes               
14. Ian Hamer
15. Lee Noyes
16. Kokona Meddings                     
17. Kye Scholz                    
18. Andrew Cornish             
19. Jorge Garcia                  
20. Jamie McBryde              
21. Matthew Maugeri                      
22. Daniel Maugeri              
23. Mark Innes-Irons           
24. Brendan Buesnel                      
25. Russell Cameron                      
26. James North-Coombes 
27. Jules North-Coombes
28. Michael Murdaca                       
29. Dom Murdaca                
30. John Fastuca                 
31. Nick Munro                     
32. Michael Palmer              
33. Kiralee Dixon                 
34. Elizabeth Owen             
35. Garcia Yous                   
36. Jack Knox
37.Leon Leontyev                
38. Daryl Warford                
39. Monkol Lek (NSW)        
40. Jake O’Bryan                 
41. Doreen Saliba       


Boris M Struk
Nicole Grixti
Cherene Ferry
Trish Heffernen
Emma Coombe
Frank Saliba
Angela Chen (NSW)
Frank Mezzatesta
Kathryn Torney
Robina Hancock
Chris Soeterboek
Cinthia Garcia
Cecilia Smith
Amy Hadrill
Kellie Schulze
Hannah Wedding
Rian Goodge
Kurt Ito
Zoe Barnett
Sarah Carter
Rob Barber
Seraphina Carthew
Craig Servinis
May Barber
Jessica Armistead
Chris Soeterboek
Tim McNeill
Jade Goodge
Annie Lulda (NT)
Roseanne Harrington (NT)
Kerry Ramsdale
Tim Holland
Ken Forbes
Melanie Brodie
Rachel David
Jana Kolacz
Sue Donaldson (TAS)
Cassie McGann
Stella Pentek
Maxine Johns (NT)
Leah Rotin


Kelly Morrice
Ferrets Society
Alan Quaife
ARMY Personnel
Syn FM
Action Stunts
Red Bull



Saturday 21st  January

The official start date for the 63rd Camp MDA was Sunday the 22nd but some of out interstate campers came up a day earlier to settle in and familiarize themselves with the surroundings. We were lucky enough to have 2 boys from the Northern Territory, (Brendan and Ooenshi, with their mothers Annie and Roseanne and their case worker Maxine), come to their first ever camp. It was there first ever trip out of their communities in NT so it was an exciting and overwhelming experience for them. Sue and Mitch from Tasmania also came up on the Saturday and as usual we ready and rearing for the week ahead. The day was spend unpacking and getting organised whilst the campers got to know each other.

Sunday 22nd January

Today was a very hot 43 degrees. The majority of campers arrived for the BBQ lunch and got to meet up with their carers. As it was sooooooo hot we didn’t stay outside for too long but moved into the main hall for some ‘get to know you games’ and introduction by Stella. After that all of the camper and carers went to locate their rooms and unpack for the week. We met back in the hall for dinner followed by a trivia night. Groups combined to get an equal spread of ages and fun was had by all.  There were local fire warnings so many of the staff and carers were a little on edge as we were warned we may have to evacuate. In order to keep everyone together we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before heading to bed.

Monday 23rd January

As the threat of bush fires was still around we spent most of the day in the main hall as a group completing our wooden variation of a banner. Each camper and carer had a little piece of wood they had to decorate that would be combined to form a mural as a way to remember our time at camp. We played board games,and watched another movie. The highlight of the day was our casino night. The casino night included games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, uno, connect 4 and craps. Don’t be alarmed no real money was used, point won by camper were allocated to their groups final tally. It was the first time we had run a casino night at camp and the feedback was great so I’m sure we will be seeing it again in the future.

Tuesday 24th January

On the morning of the 24th one of our students ran a stress ball making activity which was highly appropriate as some of the carers stress levels were up. The campers really enjoyed this variation of an art and craft activity and had a ball. We were extremely lucky to have SYN FM a community radio station from Melbourne come down to broadcast at camp for an hour. Some campers were in charge of presenting on air, some selected the music, some were involved with the technical side of things and the rest were the audience. It was a great success with everyone having a great time. It will air some time in February. Tuesday night the stunt masters returned for another action packed display, giving us some behind the scenes secrets about how they make their stunts look real. The stunt masters are always a hit with both campers and carers and we even had Lady Northcote staff involved.

Wednesday 25th January

Today was another scorcher so our activity program was limited somewhat. We did get up to the basketball courts for some team games. We played dodge ball and octopus. It was great to get all the camper and carers involved.  We had mask making in preparation for our masquerade ball. Wednesday night we had the ARMY come and run the Escape and Evade. We all got dressed up in camouflage and army uniforms. Everyone always enjoys when the ARMY comes to camp.

Thursday 26th January

Today was very very hot so we were indoors most of the day. The groups did a puzzle book and playdoh challenge. We had a cooking activity in the afternoon run by Frank and Doreen. We made apricot balls and rum balls minus the rum of course. Then it was time ot get organised for our masquerade ball. All of the carers and campers put in a lot of effort and although it was hot, everyone still managed to have a dance!! It was a late night but everyone had a great time.

 Friday 27th January

Today was mainly pack up time, with all of the campers and carers getting ready to head home. The MDA bus was last to leave and we got caught in a flash flood that kept us at the camp site for another 3 hours!!! We finally made it back to the office around 6pm. It was a long but fun week!


  • Escape and Evade
  • Casino Night
  • Masquerade Ball
  • Stunt Masters