CampMDA # 64

19th – 23rd  June, 2006
Derby Hill, Maldon



  1. Chris Fryer                           
  2. Nick Fryer                            
  3. Dan Moran                                      
  4. Brendan Buesnel                
  5. Jordan Daniels        
  6. Jake Doyle               
  7. Jack Knox
  8. Garcia Yous
  9. Shaun Deayton        
  10. Daniel Maugeri         
  11. Matthew Maugeri     
  12. Thomas McGann     
  13. Jules North-Coombes         
  14. James North-Coombes
  15. Dom DiBattista         
  16. Andrew Cornish       
  17. Luke David               
  18. Varun Behl               
  19. Jamie McBryde        
  20. Michael Murdaca     
  21. Dom Murdaca                      
  22. Lee Noyes



Boris M Struk
Bree O’Connor
Michelle Nolan
Tim Holland
Taryn Conway
David Spark
Amy Lougoon
Ann Arcilui
Jen Mottram
Anna Rowe
Rebecca Smith
Ken Forbes
Stephanie Smith
Amanda Domigan
Leah Rotin
Stacey Rideout
Melissa White
Stephanie McIntosh
Theoni Vettos
Melanie Brodie
Sharon Cohen
Kylie Parker


Stella Pentek



Sunday 18th June

Camp unofficially began today with all of the students and some staff meeting a day earlier to begin training and also to get to know each other before the campers arrived. We were completely organised and on our way (on time which may have been a first) until the bus decided to throw a spanner in the works and break down. After a couple of hours, many frantic phone calls, a tow truck and Tim to save the day we finally arrived at camp to meet the students. We enjoyed a chat over pizza, followed by some more formal training. It was a relatively early night for some whilst others stayed up to watch the world cup.

Monday 19th June

It was an eager wait for the campers to arrive as all the carers were organised and ready to go. As the campers slowly arrived, they were introduced to their carers and introduction games were played. We all made badges to learn everyone’s names and enjoyed a stick or two of fairy floss to energize the campers and carers for the week ahead. As we had many keen soccer enthusiasts, free time before dinner was spent watching the FIFA replay. After dinner we all enjoyed a round or two of celebrity heads followed by some board games. It was a relaxing and early night for all as we had a busy week in front of us.


Tuesday 20th June

This morning many of the younger campers enjoyed a trip to the gnome factory where we were treated to a presentation my Mr. Bond the gnome maker himself and were privileged enough to explore his garden. We all left with our hands full as he gave us all gnomes to keep and take home. Upon returning to camp we had a tower making competition where groups had to make towers from match sticks and playdoh. Groups were judged on sturdiness, stability, size and creativity. After lunch we all participated in the AMAZING RACE AROUND MALDON. Similarly to the television show, teams were asked to follow clues and complete challenges in and around Maldon in order to make their way to the final destination. Teams thoroughly enjoyed being out in the sunshine and all raced their best to make it across the finish line first. Although everyone gave it their best there could only be one winner, the ‘b-sharps’. After another brief viewing of FIFA and some dinner, trivia was on the cards with each team participating. The rounds were tough and as usual some debate arose but overall everyone had a good time.

Wednesday 21st June

The weather was against us today as the clouds started to cover and the chill began to set in. Nevertheless the activities were slightly modified and the spirits were still high. We began the day with t-shirt painting. Each camper and carer had a t-shirt to paint however they pleased. This activity was really enjoyed by all with some loving it so much they even wrote a song to go along with how much they loved t-shirt paining. The song entitled “I love t-shirt paining” became an anthem of sorts throughout the whole week and the activity a bonding experience. After lunch the campers and carers enjoyed a casino afternoon trying their luck at poker, roulette and 21. Some left with their pockets empty (hypothetically of course) but smiles on their faces as it was a fun afternoon. Following the casino games, teams reunited for some science experiments. Teams made volcanos and flubber, both of which were an extreme hit with our littlest campers.  After dinner we voted on a movie and it was decided that Narnia – The lion the witch and the wardrobe, would be the film for the movie night. After the movie, everyone headed to bed to recuperate for our final full day at camp.


Thursday 22nd June

With our stomach’s rumbling, we all got prepared for our morning of cooking. Truffles, teacups, chocolate crackles and decorated biscuits were on the menu with all campers excited about the amount of sugar they were about to consume. Everyone got their hands dirty and prepared an impressive feast for our party night. Some campers wore more that they cooked but that made it lots more fun. After a sausage sizzle lunch (indoors as the weather was still freezing) we completed all of our activities from the week such as the t-shirt paining, gnome painting, activity books, and also rehearsed for our red faces skits. Before dinner we all packed up our rooms in preparation for departing the following day.  After dinner the hall was cleared and the stage was set for all of the red faces skits. Teams put in the best efforts and it was hard to judge winners, but it was the ‘cracktaculars’ that prevailed.  After the skits, the lights were dimmed and microphones turned up for the all time favourite ‘karaoke’ to begin. Ballads were belted at the top of camper’s lungs, with the room erupting into a chorus of song. Campers and carers all had a sing and dance and enjoyed the party food we had prepared ourselves.  Bleary eyed we all headed to bed late and anticipated out little sleep in the following morning.

Friday 23rd June

All campers and carers enjoyed their slight sleep in before the mad rush of getting everything organised for the trip home. The bus was packed to the brim as campers and carers said their farewells till next time. Although we all left a little sleepy the camp was one to be remembered and was thoroughly enjoyed by all!!!


  • The last night party that turned into a shoelace bonanza with campers and carers trying to wear as many shoelaces as they could.
  • Having four little campers made for some extra fun and excitement
  • The Amazing Race was a fantastic new spin on the traditional scavenger hunt and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated
  • T-Shirt paining, which proved to be a creative and bonding experience.