CampMDA # 65

September, 2006
Lady Northcote, Bacchus Marsh


  1. Chris Fryer                           
  2. Ryan Struk               
  3. Dom DiBattista         
  4. Tom McGann                       
  5. Nick Fryer                 
  6. Dan Moran               
  7. Jules N-Coombes    
  8. Daniel Maugeri         
  9. Lizzy Owen              
  10. Savant Thakur                     
  11. Michael Murdaca     
  12. Jorge Garcia            
  13. Nick Munro               
  14. Dom Murdaca                      
  15. John Fastuca                      
  16. Lee Noyes               
  17. Ian Hamer
  18. Mark Innes-Irons      
  19. Brendan Buesnel     
  20. Jack Evans              
  21. Varun Behl               
  22. Shaun Deayton        
  23. Ryan Deayton
  24. Tim Freeman                       
  25. Doreen Saliba                     
  26. Brodie D’Amico        
  27. James N-Coombes  
  28. Adam Cochrane
  29. Barry Martin
  30. Jack Dexter              
  31. Dom Renye              
  32. Andrew Cornish       
  33. Russell Cameron     
  34. Luke David               
  35. Jamie McBryde        
  36. Jessica Stevens      
  37. Jordan Daniels        
  38. Jake Doyle
  39. Jack Knox                
  40. Garcia Yous
  41. William Maskell
  42. Mitch Donaldson                    


Boris M Struk
Jana Kolacz
Caterina Hannon
Leah Rotin
Kade Mollison
Scott Richter
Michelle Nolan
Sue Donaldson
Sharon Cohan
Carly Cooper
Michael Dexter
Dani McLennan
Kerry Ramsdale
Jonathan Renye
Jessica Fowler
Frank Saliba
Bronwen Stewart
Nat Hyman
Tim McNeill
Emma Dorn
Mark Johnstone
Sam Olgnew
Sarah Brett
Phoebe Miller
Sharna Luty
Amanda Domigan
Bree O’Connor
Lauren Hamilton
Puneeta Thakur
Anna Porter
Ken Forbes
Tim Holland
Ashley Britt
Chris Soeterboek
Lauren Kramme



Sunday 24th September

Arrived to camp and enjoyed a barbecue supplied by the Melton Rotary Club, along with Harley Davidson rides. The theme for the afternoon was ‘Carnival’. Everyone enjoyed carnival games, fairy floss and popcorn.

After a few introduction games and unpacking, we had a game of bingo and a camp fire to finish off the night.

Monday 25th September

The campers started work on our ‘Camp Banner’. Mid morning we had a visit from Reptile World, which was hugely successful. After lunch we took up the afternoon playing Around the World. The day was finished off with a Casino Night.

 Tuesday 26th September

We began the morning making piggy banks. After lunch we had CSI Mystery followed by Science Experiments. The night was enjoyed with a quiz night and a movie later for the adults.

Wednesday 27th September

After breakfast we made some great creations with origami. Lunch time came and went and we had our afternoon games outside. The night was enjoyed with our army Escape and Evade.

 Thursday 28th September

The campers enjoyed a morning of cooking today, followed by finishing off their piggy banks and the camp banner. We had an activity this afternoon which was organised by some LaTrobe University students. Of course it wouldn’t be CampMDA without the final party night. The theme this camp was “Hollywood”.

Friday 29th September

After a good sleep in, we descended on the dining room for our last meal of brunch. A quick pack up and it was time to head off home.