CampMDA # 67

10th – 15th April 2007
Derby Hill, Maldon


  1. Michael Murdaca                 
  2. Andrew Cornish       
  3. Nick Munro               
  4. Ryan Struk               
  5. Dan Moran               
  6. Lee Noyes               
  7. Varun Behl               
  8. Mark Innes-Irons      
  9. Jamie McBryde        
  10. Daniel Stolk              
  11. Jorge Garcia            
  12. Luke David               
  13. Doreen Saliba                     
  14. James N-Coombes  
  15. Jules N-Coombes    
  16. Brendan Buesnel     
  17. Daniel Maugeri         
  18. Matthew Maugeri     
  19. Dom DiBattista         
  20. Tom McGann                       
  21. Jordan Daniels        
  22. Garcia Yous             
  23. Jess Stevens                       
  24. Jack Knox                
  25. Jack Evans    


Boris M Struk
Rebecca Cowan
Emma Dorn
Leah Rotin
Nat Hyman
Elizabeth Davis
Tim Holland
Chris Soeterboek
Michael Bourke
Ken Forbes
Ann Arciuli
Katherine Power
Janetta Davis
Robert Stolk
Katherine Hughes
Tim McNeill
Haley Gorman
Frank Saliba
Beth Yates
Sue Boardman
Stella Pentek
Rachel Chin
Ruth Mathew
Melita Harding
Sarah McMullan
Emma Wilson



Tuesday 10th April

Lunch was on after arrival to camp. Introductions were done and unpacking began. After dinner we had a trivia night and conundrums.

Wednesday 11th April

Morning activities included making juggling balls, pipe cleaner creations and kite making. After lunch we played Derby Hill Monopoly, then ‘What would you do?’. After dinner we had the tastebud challenge.

Thursday 12th April

Morning activities were balloon animals and making rumballs. After lunch we had a scavenger hunt and then did science experiments. After dinner we had a camp fire and made damper then watched a movie.

Friday 13th April

Morning activities were origami and slime making. After lunch we had group games and performance rehearsals. After dinner everyone put on their performances.

Saturday 14th April

Today we had an outing to Thomas the Tank Engine Train Ride and Vintage Engine Rally. The groups were split in two. Tonight was party night.

Sunday 15th April

After brunch we all packed up and headed home.