CampMDA # 68

2nd -5th July, 2007
River Village Motel and Holiday Units, Echuca



1. Brendan Ausrich
2. Andrew Cornish
3. Jordan Daniels
4. Luke David
5. Dominic Di Battista
6. Thomas Little
7. Mathew Magueri
8. Daniel Magueri
9. Jamie McBryde
10. Michael Murdaca
11. James North- Coombs
12. Jules North-Coombs
13. Lee Noyes
14. Garcia Yous
15. William Mascall
16. Doreen Saliba
17 Dominic Murdaca



Boris M Struk
Nicole McCartney
Emmaline Downs
Rachel David
Ken Forbes
Marla-Watson Jones
Annie Grievsmith
Stephanie Van Velzen
Bianca Rinaldi
Brook Shields
Samantha Blake
Elizabeth Watterson
Charlie Parnis
Chelsea Baxter
Frank Saliba
Danielle Hahne
Vicki Cavalieros
Heidi Peart
Marg Forbes


Jade Goodge



Monday 2nd July

Everyone arrived at MDA Center at about 10am. Everyone was very excited to be going to camp. The weather was overcast but the rain held out. Once all the luggage was tagged and the boys loaded onto the bus we headed north. It seemed like a long trip as it always does on the way there. The boys became a bit impatient towards the end as they could not wait to get there so we entertained them with lots of travelling games. When we arrived we were greeted by all the students who had been there for a few hours waiting for us. As it was cold and windy we all made our way to the central hall. We played some get to know each other games whilst Charlie, Ken and some cares unloaded the trailer. We found that 2 of the rooms were too small to accommodate the larger wheelchairs so we had to re shuffle a few campers/carers. We then gathered back in the central hall had our lunch and made name tags. Vicki discussed the camp program, rules and activities, and answered any other questions. All the campers and carers them made their way to their rooms to unpack and get settled for the night. Vicki then met with the carers for a debrief of the day and had discussions with them about the plan for the following days whilst the floaters entertained the campers with games in the main hall. After dinner, which consisted of lasagna and chips and was very yummy, and everyone enjoyed we a game of Bingo. This was very popular and enjoyed by all. The little one’s went to bed whilst the rest of us continued playing bingo. By about 9.30pm most of us were too tired to stay up for a movie so we also went to bed. As this was the first time the campers/carers worked together most of the carers needed some type of assistance with bedtime, so Heidi and Vicki, and Marg were run off their feet helping out, moving from one room to another. By about 11pm most of the noise had died down and most were snug in bed asleep.

Tuesday 3rd July

At 8am sharp Vicki got out her whistle, knocked on everyone’s door to the wake up call. Some were not impressed I am sure. All carers again worked with their camper to ensure they were all dressed and ready for breakfast. Our floaters went from room to room and assisted the carers where help was required. After breakfast Heidi set up two activities in the main hall. The little one’s liked the kite making and sock puppets but the older campers were not too impressed. Shortly after it was time to load the first group onto the bus to head off into town for a game of bowling. The first group arrived and eagerly started to bowl. By the time they finished the first game the second group had arrived for lunch. We all went next door to La Porchetta (King Pin Bowling – Steve PH: 5482 5722) and had lots of pizza and drinks. Then with full bellies we all played another game, team1 went back to camp whilst team 2 played their second game. Brendan Ausrich was the winner with the highest score of 125 points. Once back at the campsite we played the first of the series of games shows. Deal or no Deal. This was a huge hit as all were able to participate and have lots of fun. Once this finished there was free time or games in the main room for the campers and the carers has their second debrief with Vicki.  After dinner, which consisted of fish and chips, and very popular with the kids, we all gathered in the man hall to continue playing the rest of the series of games shows. It started with temptation trivia, then family fued, then lets make a list, then name the movie and actors, and finally who wants to be a millionaire, Most campers enjoyed the challenges they were faced trying to win these games. Very quickly it again came to the end of the second day at camp and time for the little one’s to go to bed. A few needed convincing but most kids recognised how tired they were and were eager to go. Everyone else enjoyed free time, with most going to their rooms to chat among themselves or watch some TV.  By this time most carers had the personal care down patt, so there were not many issues which needed attention.

Wednesday 4th July

Everyone woke to the sound of Vicki and her whistle again. By this time most of the campers and cares had become not only familiar with Vicki and her whistle but also of each other. Everyone had a set routine for mornings and nights, and it all seemed to run smoothly. Breakfast consisted of bacon and eggs this time, which most people really loved. The morning’s activities consisted of the making of a hovercraft out of old cd’s and other household items, and cooking lots of yummy rum balls and slices for tonight’s party. For lunch we all voted on having an indoor sausage sizzle with lots of cheese and onions for lunch. Then one of the highlights of the weekend was Andrew Cornish’s Trivia afternoon. This was a big hit with the bigger kids as they all had the opportunity to show off their knowledge and talent. And Andrew had now completed his last challenge to get his bronze for the Duke of Edinborough Award. Now it was time to prepare for tonight’s Wacky Wednesday Party. We all had costumes to make and decorations to put up in the main hall. All this was happening whilst Vicki was meeting all the student carers and discussing their week one at a time. Once again time for the last debrief for all the cares. They all filled out their feedback forms whilst we discussed how much we have all learned from this experience and how great the boys are. Time for dinner, which consisted of a choice of roast chicken or corned beef with veggies. Again Yummy! We all went back to our cabins to get ourselves and our campers prepared and looking snazzy for the big night! There were lollies and chips and drinks and streamers and popper and music and glow sticks and dancing. We even did a bit of head banging to ACDC. You could very easily see how much everyone loves a part especially when everyone is all dressed up in weird and wonderful costumes. Tonight we had a late night as it goes with the territory of having a party and soon after we wound down and reluctantly prepared for bed.

Thursday 5th July

Sleep in today. The whistle comes out at 9am accompanied by the drizzly rain. After getting ready for the day, we enjoy brunch. This consists of toasted sandwiches, party pies, sausage rolls and Frankfurt’s. Some of the kids who had no conception of time and had not realized that we had slept in were wondering why we were eating this food at breakfast time. After brunch, as it was not only drizzly, but cold, windy and very wet, we kept all the campers in the main hall whilst the carers, Ken and Charlie packed the luggage, equipment and the trailer, in the rain. Campers had photos taken with their cares so that they could remember this experience and campers filled out their feedback forms so that we would all know what they thought of us.  Once we were all packed we all then gathered back into the main hall, rearranged everyone and took some group photos.

One by one with an umbrella we loaded ourselves onto the vehicles and headed home bringing the rain with us. On the way the tarp on the trailer flapped around causing us to stop a few times and retie it back on the trailer. This and the rain caused us to arrive back at MDA office a few hours delyed. Campers were greeted by their family who all looked very rested and rejuvenated.


  • TTT Trophy Winning Teams were D and E
  • Bowling
  • Andrew’s Trivia Afternoon
  • Face Painting – Ken painting Charlie and Thomas painting Heidi
  • Brendan’s Dancing