CampMDA # 69

30th Septmber- 5th October, 2007
Lady Northcote – Bacchus Marsh


1. James North-Coombs
2. Thomas McGann
3. Michael Murdaca
4. Stephanie Tickner
5. Varuhn Behl
6. Kakona Meddings
7. Nick Munro
8. John Fastuca
9. Mark Innes-Irons
10.Jules North-Coombs
11.Mathew Maugeri
12.Jamie McBryde
13.Elizabeth Owen
14.Ryan Struk
15.Chris Fryer
16.Nick Fryer
17.Daniel Moran
18.Savant Thakur
19.Brenton Powell
20.Conor Murphy
21.Keelin Foley
22.Russell Cameron
23.Lee Noyes
24.Ian Hamer
25.Mitchell Donaldson
26.Brodie D’Amico
27.Dylan Needham
28.Katrina Lunson
29.Daniel Maugeri
30.Dominic D’Battista
31.Ryan Deayton
32.Shaun Deayton
33.Cayden Foley
34.Luke David
35.Jack Knox


Boris M Struk
Brooke Anthony
Joanne Watson
Angela Williams
Linda Millard
Tracey Mills
Bree Maddern
Kaye Featherstone
Lucinda Newton
Emily Reynolds
Carmen Van Veen
Laura Baranowski
Kim Tait
Elizabeth Turner
Su Chong
Chris Soeterboek
Craig Servinis
Bree O’Connor
Tim Holland
Rhiannon Skahill
Nargis Thakur
Sue Wolfe
Richard Hills
Megan Hopman
Tim McNeil
Charlie Parnis
Sue Donaldson
Tracey Ramsdale
Carol Steel-Butler
Wendy Lunson
Jill Devine
Ken Forbes
Marg Forbes
Ashvin Nursing
Ann Arcuili
Amanda Domigan
Heidi Peart
Vicki Cavalieros


Sarah Good
Stella Pentek
Leah Rotin
Sam Blake
Carly Cooper
Helen Stronghillis
Lewis Cavalieros
Elizabeth Watson
Emmaline Downes
Tony Knox
Bill Schlink
Geelong HOG
Rotaty Club Melton Valley


  • Ÿ School of Amour
  • Ÿ School of Catering
  • Ÿ School of Transport
  • Ÿ Weapons Demonstration
  • Ÿ Amour Museum
  • Ÿ Transport Museum
  • Ÿ Ride in tanks
  • Ÿ Bonfire with singing and story telling
  • Ÿ Jake the snake man
  • Ÿ Winery tour for older boys
  • Ÿ Farm tour for younger boys



Saturday 29th September

Vicki picked up clients from Port Melbourne who were coming to camp from Tasmania, Wendy and her granddaughter Katrina. Vicki then picked up Sue and Mitch from the airport and we all made our way to the campsite. Upon arrival we were greeted by the students from Horsham who had arrived and after a bit of shuffling rooms we settled in. During this time Damian and Boris went to the airport to pick up the rest of the campers and carers from Western Australia.  Vicki did some training with the students, and dinner was prepared. A few hours later Boris, Damian, and the WA visitors arrived, and got settled in.

Sunday 30th September

Today was the Carnival open day at the campsite. Stella and some volunteers arrived at the campsite to set up the activities for the day, and together with Boris greeted the Melton Valley Rotary Club who were putting on a BBQ for everyone, the Red Bull team who were supplying us with Red Bulls and the HOGS who were going to give us all a ride on their Harley’s.

Back at the MDA Center, some of the campers and carers arrived and the vehicles were packed and loaded as we all made our way to the campsite.

Upon arrival we were given an escort from Bacchus Marsh to the campsite by all the Hogs on their Harlye’s. Soon the rest of the campers and carers arrived also. Campers and Carers were introduced, had a sausage, a Red Bull and a Harley ride. The campers had the opportunity to play some carnival games indoors, as the weather had changed very quickly.

All visitors were said their goodbye’s as they left, and the rest of us started CampMDA no 69.

Once everyone had unpacked and settled in, introduction games were played followed by Dinner and then a quiet movie which ended the day

Monday 1st October

Monday started with a bang, as carers got to know in more detail the care required for their campers. Breakfast was greeted with thanks and team games were played (action chairs, blind fold, press conference, and MDA whispers). Mid morning we had a presentation by Mini Beasts. They showed us lots of insects and snakes and we all had a turn at feeling and touching them. Some of us coped others didn’t. After lunch we went outside and saw a display from the Oakland’s Hunt Club. Patrick brought his hunting horse and lots of hound dogs, and rode around us as his hounds followed. The hounds loved us as they socialized among all the campers and carers. They even displayed their affection by cocking their legs and weeing on some of the boys!! Once Patrick had finished talking to us about what he does and the hounds, we waited for the Police chopper to arrive. The helicopter landed and all the dirt was stirred up around us. They campers were fascinated as the police officers and the pilot talked about all the things they use the chopper to do. In fact that same morning they had been out looking for a little old lady who had gotten herself lost. Afternoon tea was then served and the campers and carers watched as the chopper went off to look for this lady again. Campers and carers got into pairs and set of on a scavenger hunt. An hour later, we were all surprised to find that almost every pair had been able to find almost everything on the list of items given to them. This activity helped then score points for their team, so everyone was happy.

Carers had their first meeting and the opportunity to discuss and have addressed some of their concerns whilst the others all had free time. After dinner we all helped set up for Casino night.

Everyone loved the mocktails and the opportunity to win lots of chips, and we all had fun getting to know each other. Off to bed now and goodbye to another fun filled day to remember.

 Tuesday 2nd October

After another yummy breakfast we had some time to make lots of creative craft activities. We made creations from pipe cleaners, made some veggie men using a variety of veggies, we had a puzzle challenge and we painted plaster moulds. By the time we had enough of this it was time for lunch. Doug from RAAF arrived to join us for lunch and talk to us about the PC 9 plane which would soon arrive from Tamworth to show us a few tricks in the air. After he talked to us about what is involved if flying the aircraft and demonstrated how the outfit worn works we all went outside and waited for the air presentation. The PC 9 soon arrived and few above us at 250 feet, doing lots of tricks. I am sure the locals were starting to panic at this stage. Everyone was in awe and very excited to have had the opportunity to watch this. It took the pilot 3 minutes to go from Bacchus Marsh to Melbourne.

Then the MDA Olympics started. We all had a go at racing and bursting balloons, carrying eggs between two wheelchairs through an obstacle course and of course the very popular smellathon.

Soon came time for dinner and some more free time, whilst the students had their second carer meeting.

After dinner we got into our groups and competed again for points for our team at the Trivia night. This as always was enjoyed by all and again gave us all the opportunity to bond with our teams.

Once again off to bed with another fun day gone.

Wednesday 3rd October

This morning after breakfast we all had an opportunity to make some lava lamps, bath bombs, Gak and pinyata’s. Everyone was fascinated by the lava lamps, including Boris, as this was the most popular activity, and they boy’s loved getting messy with the gak. After these activities we all had the opportunity to play wheel of fortune. Lunch was then followed by a demonstration by the Bacchus Marsh Pony club. Two young riders came along and showed us the skill required to play polo, do show jumping and athletic games on horseback. One horse needed a shoe replaced as we all watched and Boris was almost taken out by a stray horse charging at him. After afternoon tea we gathered indoors for a fossil and dinosaur presentation by the Museum Discovery. Everyone was amazed at the size of the dinosaurs once we finished building a leg, which resembled it’s closes living relative the “chicken”. Everyone leaned lots and we all got to feel and touch the fossils. Boris and Vicki played a practical joke on everyone as they all walked around looking at all the pieces. There was a dinosaur head sitting on a trolley, Vicki placed her 2 way inside it out of sight, as Boris from a distance made strange noises into his 2 way. We all then watched the shock in Chris Fryer’ s face when the dinosaur head called out to him.

After more free time, dinner and carer meeting, we all gathered to watch the comedian/magician show us his magic tricks. Some of his jokes went over some campers heads, whilst others really enjoyed them. I am sure he due to his audience he had to limit the types of jokes. His tricks fascinated those who could not work out how they are done and reconfirmed that magic is really not magic for those who knew how they were done. Before he left and we all went to bed, some of us had the opportunity to play with some of the tricks in his bag.

Thursday 4th October

After breakfast we all gathered in groups and participated in the morning activities. We made two lemon cheese cakes, painted our pinyata’s, played celebrity heads and some of us played rugby in the outside basketball court. Celebrity heads gave us more opportunities to accumulate points. The rest of us had a relaxing rest of the morning as we socialized and enjoyed each other’s company until lunch.

After lunch Senior Constable Kathy from VICPOL Dog Squad and her pooch Okie, the beautiful placid Labrador who lay next to her and constantly sniffed everything around him. She talked about how Okie is a sniffer dog with the narcotics department of the police force and how he is trained to catch crooks and drug dealers. Okie walked around and sniffed everything in sight hoping to get a treat, but this never eventuated. Everyone had a lovely pat and a play with him. After afternoon tea, for the last opportunity to accumulate points, in teams, using rolls of toilet paper we decorated a willing victim. The costumes were most intriguing, some with more detail than others. The winning costume was the outfit with the flowing skirt, and second in line was the mummy.

Everything was packed up and we all went off to our rooms to get ready for tonight’s party. Once everyone was dressed in our costumes with Bling Bling  being the theme, we were all sparkling with all our gold and jewels. Time for photo’s as Boris happily snapped away on his camera. Group photo’s followed by camper carer team photos. After our last dinner together, the party started. The music and dancing was happening all round with everyone having a go at playing music from their  i-pods. We sang happy birthday to Ryan and cut a cake for him. The party went till all hours of the night. It proved to be a very expensive night for Boris, whilst he played Doof- Doof music he blew up his speakers. Everyone was yelling “louder, louder”.

Friday 5th October

With a late start and the pack up starting to happen all round, brunch was served today instead of Breaky. After Brunch we all went to our rooms and finished packing and cleared our rooms. All equipment was brought down and loaded onto the trailers and luggage was packed. As parents turned up one by one picking up their loved ones, carers had the opportunity to say goodbye’s and exchange email addresses.

We all then got loaded onto the vehicles and drove home. We has a lovely safe drive back to MDA. Everyone was very tired, but looked forward to a good restful weekend.


  • Winning Team for (TTT) Top Team Trophy is Team A
  • Getting Peed on by the hounds
  • Playing Rugby
  • Nick singing Karaoke
  • WA WA Girls (Western Australian Girls)
  • Love affair blooming between Katrina and Shaun and Kellin cutting Katrina’s lunch at party night.
  • Marg’s sick sense of humour and jokes
  • Ashvin posing for photo’s, dancing, steeling and hiding food and everything else de did. Everyone else taking the absolute micky out of him.
  • Boris almost taken out by a pony.
  • Boris pranking Chris Fryer by placing a walkie-talkie in the dinosaur head.