CampMDA # 70

20th – 25th  January – 2008
Camp Manyung,  Mt Eliza


1. Brodie D’Amico
2. Cayden Foley
3. Daniel Maugeri
4. Daniel Moran
5. Dominic D’Battista
6. Elizabeth Owen
7. James North-Coombs
8. Jamie McBryde
9. John Fastuca
10.Jules North-Coombs
11.Keelin Foley
12.Lee Noyes
13.Luke David
14.Mark Innes-Irons
15.Mathew Maugeri
16.Michael Murdaca
17.Russell Cameron


Boris M Struk
Tracey Ramsdale
Heidi Peart
Natalie Agnoletto
Katherine Hughes
Ingrid Steenholdt
Samantha Alastock
Melinda Bartley
Michael Bourke
Maria Corbett
Rachel David
Sharon Good
Leigh Knowblauch
Eliaabeth Oldershaw
BJ Parker
Lucky Renye
Arthur Staios
Lucas Bartlett
Ken Forbes
Marg Forbes
Amanda Domigan
Emmaline Downes
Aasha Campbell
Jessie Carson
Emmaline Downes
Julia Mihalic
David Paterson
Carly Powell
Gemma Taylor
Sarah Wade
Elizabeth Waterson
Vicki Cavalieros
Brooke Anthony


Richard Hills
Chris Soeterboek
Nat Hyman



Sunday 20th January

Everyone started arriving at MDA at about 10am. Their bags were tagged, medications collected, luggage was packed onto the trailer and wheelchairs strapped in the vehicles. We were off to Mt Eliza for camp No. 70. When we arrived at the campsite we were greeted by the Vietnam Veterans who had put on a BBQ lunch for us, some of the carers had already arrived and were eagerly waiting to meet their camper, and parents flowed in slowly over the next few hours dropping off the remainder of the campers.

Shortly after the CFA arrived in their fire truck. Most of the campers had the opportunity to ask lots of questions, have a close up look a the truck and some even got to climb inside.

Once the parents had left if was time to play our ice-breaking games in the recreation hall. We played match the pair, rename your name, and tell me something about someone else you have just met. After I talked about the rules of camp, we headed down to the vehicles to unpack them and sort out all the equipment and everyone had a chance to organise their things. Dinner consisted of spaghetti bolognaise, some of us really liked it and some could not get their mouths around it. The evening finished with 2 movies, the first was a PG rated movie (Bee Movie), aimed at the younger kids. During this time the older one’s played games like, balderdash, pictionary, scattegries etc. Once the little one’s went to be the rest of us watched an M rated movie (Death at a Funeral) which we all laughed about all night. Bed time was welcomed by all as by this time we were all very tired.

Monday 21st January

Vicki had the opportunity to use her siren, and she loved it. Wee Waa Wee Waa, as she walked around the campsite. This soon got everyone up and rearing for the day’s activities. The morning activities consisted of more interactive games like, all freeze tag, picture bingo, pin the tail on the carer, and bean bag cricket. On offer were also some craft activities like sand painting, and paper flowers.

After lunch we got into our groups, grabbed our 2 way radio’s and off we went on our radio game. We looked for the answer to the first question, relayed it back to base then we were given the next clue and so on. In the end everyone got all the answers, although some groups took longer than others. After all the fun out in the sun we gathered inside the rec hall where the Australian Museum brought in some Austrailan animals (real, stuffed one’s) and told us all about them. We even got to touch them all. After dinner we gathered on the basketball court, some kids played rugby, some made huge bubbles, and some even got to fly a kite. Once it started getting a bit darker we were greeted by the Barry and his friends from the Astronomy Society. Barry showed us a presentation about astronomy and showed us pictures of planets and starts and then we all went outside where they had huge telescopes ready and set up for us to see the real deal. Most of us saw Mars, the moon and lots of other stars. We were very lucky that we got to see so much as the weather was perfect and the sky was really clear. After a few hours of star spotting and lots of questions later we all said goodbye to our friends and headed for bed.

Tuesday 22nd January

That siren again! Everyone is up and ready to go again for another fun day. This morning we have more craft activities, we make key rings and fridge magnets, some campers enjoy having a facial made up of banana’s, oats and honey, whilst other head out collecting bark, leaves and other items to make plaster of paris fossils. After lunch we get into 2 groups, jump into the vehicles and head off to Mt Martha Baptist Church to watch a presentation of a group of youths showing us all their skate boarding tricks. They fly high up into the air after jumping off their ramps with their skateboards, some of them landing back on their feet and some falling onto the ground. This takes up most of the afternoon and we had to do 2 back and forward trips in order for all of us to see the show.

By the time we have dinner most of us are starting to feel a bit tired so the evening activities are welcomed. The plan is to have a campfire where we do some campfire cooking, followed by a carobary an indigenous man. Well what a flop it all was! It was too hot to light a fire and the indigenous man went walkabout and did not arrive at all. Never mind, Vicki saved the day again by improvising. We all sat around the fire, which was made of fire colored cellophane, ate marshmallows cooked by a lighter. Yes one at a time!!! And we each had the opportunity to tell some funny stories. The little kids went off to bed and the older one’s stayed up to tell some more scary ghost stories. The evening was a success and the indigenous man going walkabout was the topic to talk about for the rest of the camp.

Wednesday 23rd January

By this time almost everyone was used to the siren, and it was not as much fun for Vicki any more, but alas she still used it. Everyone was a bit slower this morning; I think the outing yesterday took a lot out of everyone. Gathering again in the rec hall we started on the morning’s activities. Today we made pop cycle boxes and other creations, we made a decorated a calendar for the year, we decorated some didgeridoo’s with traditional dot painting, and we made some pom poms. After lunch the weather had started to head up by this stage and so some of us went out side, filled water balloons and had water fights. We were all careful not to wet our controllers and our batteries and we still had fun. Others who are not as adventurous stayed inside in the air-conditioned comfort and played X- Box heats. Soon it was time for all to gather in the rec hall and get ready for a show from Professor Bunsen. What a mad professor he was, we did lots of crazy experiments, including making our own glat and snow which we got to take home, we launched Barbie into space and watched Ken’s gleam in his eyes as he finally got revenge, we things up and we made some of the carers hair stand up on end. Everyone loved this show and became very involved. After dinner we had another show lined up. Except this one was not for the light hearted. It was serious business. Our visitor arrived straight out of the circus to perform some side shows. He described what he does and “all the things you never see at the circus”. He set off rabbit traps on himself, lay on a bed of nails whilst a carer dropped a bowling ball on him, cracked a whip, drove a nail into his head through his nose and lifted a car battery with his pierced nipples after electrocuting himself. This was not something you see everyday and so even thought we all became a little squeamish   the campers loved it and some carers just could not watch. After the freak show left, we got into our groups and trivia night began. This activity got our brains into thinking mode and lightened up the night. By this stage we were all a bit weary so bedtime was welcomed by all. It was early bed time tonight, in preparation for a big night tomorrow night.

 Thursday 24th January

This morning’s activities consisted of cooking party food for tonight’s party. We made nemo biscuits, cat in the hat, buzzy bumblebees and chocolate crackle spiders. There was also some other party food made with all the left over ingredients. Boy our kids are really creative. After lunch we played some game shows including, make a list, finish the phrase and deal or no deal. Everyone got into this and we were even able to imitate the real thing. Time now to go and dress up into our costumes, some of us had brought them, some had to borrow and some even made their own during camp. With Arabian nights on the agenda, we had lots of genie’s, sheiks and even a belly dancer or two. What a group photo this made as we all lined up huddled together for photos. We even had individual photos of campers and their carers. A memo for all to remember.

As we gathered in the rec hall, the Pete the karaoke man arrives to set up for the night. Shortly after Amanda the belly dances comes out and starts her routine of traditional Arabian belly dancing. Most of us are enthralled by the way she is able to move and dance around us. This sets the scene for the party. The glow sticks come out, balloons, party food and music start. Now it’s a real party. We all dance eat and party. Soon some of our singing talents come into play. One pair after another they get up and sing to their hearts content, we even get a few who perform solo’s. With lots of singing and dancing the night eventually ends and we all crawl back off to our rooms laughing about the day’s events.

 Friday 25th January

Today everyone gets to sleep in a little later. Instead of breakfast we have brunch and this is a welcomed change. As the weather heats up, we all start to pack our stuff and load it onto the vehicles. All the rooms are cleared, beds are re assembled and all the activities are packed away into boxes. All the campers enjoy the morning out in the sun, going over the week’s adventures and mishaps. Slowly parents come to pick up our campers, and the kids say their goodbye’s. The rest of us are then loaded onto the vehicles and head back to MDA. Another successful camp done and dusted.



  • Ken’s revenge on Barbie
  • Stephanie’ s wonderful singing voice.
  • The indigenous man goes walkabout
  • Ryan’s creation of explosives (TNT)
  • Freak show
  • Swinging our bellies with the belly dancer