CampMDA # 71

25th – 29th  March – 2008
Derby Hill Youth Camp- Maldon


1. Benton Powel
2. Josh Rycken
3. Stephanie Tickner
4. Magda Niedweidz
5. Brendan Aursich
6. Verun Behl
7. Andrew Cornish
8. Jordan Daniels
9. Luke David
10.Dominic Di Battista
11.Jack Evans
12.Ryan Deayton
13.Shaun Deayton
14.Jorge Garcia
15.Daniel George
16.Mark Innes Irons
17.William Maskell
18.Daniel Maugeri
19.Mathew Maugeri
20.Bohe May
21.Ryan May
22.Jamie McBryde
23.Thomas McGann
24.Kakona Meddings
25.Daniel Moran
26.Michael Murdaca
27.Jules North-Coombs
28.James North-Coombs
29.Lee Noyes


Vicki Cavalieros
Boris M Struk
Heidi Peart
Richard Hills
Claire Adamthwaite
Francie Kwan Kwan
Sarah Cavanaugh
Ngarie Cramp
Rachel David
Ken Forbes
Lucie Hallenstein
Candice Chan
Marg Forbes
Claire Spellman
Carolyn D’Argenio
Preson Courtney
Taya Rendell
Rose Abby Bonavia
Grace Partick
Shimila Drysdale
Melissa Henry
Phebe Darton
Coralie Cooper
Amanda Osborne
Michael Bourke
Joanne Terrill
Elloise Tallent
Emma Hays
Anne Arciulli
Zoe Elana Waters
Rebeca De’Grandi
Alex Chip
Katie McKay
Sarah Good


Katia Fisher



Tuesday 25th March

Today was the first day of yet another camp. Some campers arrived at MDA and were driven to Maldon by us and the rest of them were dropped of by their families. By 1pm everyone had arrived, we had a quick lunch and got stuck into some get to know you activities. Some were indoors and some out on the basketball court. We then spent some time unpacking, settling in, exploring our surroundings and getting to know our carers. After dinner we watched a movie called ‘The Golden Compas” which was for the little kids and then they went to bed. Once they were in bed the older boys watched “Meet the Spartans”. We all has a good laugh as this was a send up of the movie 300 and it was very funny.

Wednesday 26thMarch

The morning started off with some very innovative craft activities. We made door hangers, beading, plaster moulds, and jigsaws. The younger campers really enjoyed this and some of the older guys even gave it a go. Just before lunch we screened a movie. Some of us watched this and others had some free time. After lunch the younger kids got on the bus and went for a drive to the top of the mountain and watched the emus and kangaroos. The older guys went into Maldon to explore and have a coffee. After dinner we all played Trivia, and this gave us all an opportunity to get to know each other and created an opportunity to earn some points for our teams.

Thursday 27th March

This day began again with some other craft activities this time we painted our plaster moulds, plastecine men, balloon rockets and attempted to make slime.  Again we screened another movie and some older boys had free time. The afternoon was taken up by Food Olympics, where kids got the opportunity to work in their teams and earn themselves points. We had lots of very messy fun and some of us felt a bit ill by the time we had finished with eating dry weetbix and smelling all the items. After that some of the older guys spoke to us about wheelchair sports that they play. They explained the rules and how it works, did a demo and got some of the younger kids involved by showing them how to play. The evening was spent with a local gentleman who told us lots of tales and stories, some which were true and others not so true, but overall they were all quite funny. Once the little kids went to bed, the older ones got into 2 groups and created a skit that they had to perform. These were very funny to watch and very imaginative.

Katia Fisher (Charles Sturt University-Speech Pathology) conducted part of her PHD research at CampMDA. This was organised with Boris Struk and 5 kids with MD participated.

Friday 28th March

This morning we spent some time creating costumes for tonight’s party. We used a variety of art and craft items and materials and our imaginations. We also had some time to work on our activity books and finish any craft we had started. After lunch we spent the afternoon doing the treasure hunt. This was not just a simple hunt it had an amazing race component to it. There was only one treasure to be found and team B found it. By the time all the campers has completed all tasks which were required, they and their carers were totally exhausted. After dinner we all had camper carer photos and got ourselves into our costumes and ready for the party. The streamers, balloons, snack food and drinks came out to make it a real party. We all partied on till very late that night, and some carers told us that it had been the best party they had been to.


Saturday 29th March

Today was time to pack up all our stuff and pile it up just outside ready to be packed onto the trailers. After brunch we all finished packing, made sure everything and everyone was accounted for, loaded everyone who was coming to MDA onto the vehicles and started off for home. The rest of the campers were picked up by their families. On the way home the bus has 2 flat tyres and so this delayed the drop off of some of the campers. Eventually everyone had been picked up and the bus got home safely. The last camper was picked up at 6.30pm from the bus which was stranded on Calder hwy.



  • Vicki getting wet by Ken’s waterbomb
  • The boys calling the Granny hotline late at night
  • Verun singing his song constantly, called “Monday Morning”
  • Turning Lee into a man during the skit