CampMDA # 72

Sunday 28th September –  Friday 3rd October 2008
Lady Northcote Camp, Bacchus Marsh


1. Ryan Struk
2. Robin Prem
3. Jamie McBryde
4. Magda Neidweidze
4. Asitha Gurusinge
6. Brenton Powell
7. Carol Favero
8. Dan Moran
9. Chris Fryer
10.Nick Fryer
11.Dom Murdaca
12.Kakonna Meddings
13.Michael Murdaca
14.Jorge Garcia
15.Dom Renye
16.Jaqueline Miller
17.Brodie D’Amico
18.Jules North-Coombs
19.Mark Innes- Irons
20.Shaun Daeyton
21.Matt Maugeri
22.Dan Maugeri
23.Zade Norris
24.Dom Di Battisata
25.Thomas McGann
26.James Northcoombs
27.Elizabeth Owen
28.Cayden Foley
29.Keelin Foley
30.Jessie Stevens
31.Brendan Aurisch
32.Thomas Shay
33.Jack Evans
34.Stephanie Tickner
35.Mitchell Donaldson
36.Doul Thiep
37.Russell Cameron
38.Verun Behl


Boris M Struk
Chelsea Warner
Matt Lean
Katherine McKormack
Teresa Burgess
Murray Paternoster
Rhiannon Skahill
Ky Lee Ling
Charmaine Hovey
Amy Glen
Lisa Williams
Lucky Renye
Lauren Jamieson
Laura Presse
Jenefer Graham
Sophie Phare
Claire Stevenson
Sarah Lovegott
Michelle Heazlewood
Alyce Davis
Kathryn  McDougall
Tracy To Tak Ling
Lucas Bartlett
Leah Mathews
Tina Iofrida
Anna Yeatman
Ho Chen Mui
Kim Smith
Freya McGregor
Courtney Preston
Belinda Smith
John Dalton
Raj Raham
Danni Villano
Ken Forbes
Tracey Ramsdale
Sue Donaldson
Megan Hopman
Julia Mihalic
Richard Hills
Tim Mc Neil
Rebecca Szuss
Sue McKee
Vicki Cavalieros
Kerrie Oei


Sue Gilbert- QLD MDA
David Jack NSW MDA
Georgia Christofis NSW MDA
Lisa Quinn SA MDA
Paul Creedon SA MDA
Renee McBryde NSW MDA
Lewis Cavalieros
Bill Schlink
Geelong HOG
Rotary Club Melton Valley


Sunday 28th September

The Bus with some campers arrived at Lady Northcote at about 1pm to find lots of other campers and their parents already there. The Harleys once again escorted us into the campsite from Bacchus Marsh, and then offered everyone rides. The carers soon took advantage of this and even a few campers had a go. The Rotary Club put on their famous BBQ for us all once again. As the weather started to get a bit windy we all gathered in the hall to watch a show from Showy salsa. They are a Spanish dance group. They even got campers and carers doing the salsa. Red Bull girls arrived and provided the carers with lots of Red Bulls, enough to get us through the camp. Once the parents and all visitors had left we continued with get to know you games inside. We then had some time to collect and unpack our luggage and get settled in. Some free time for the campers and 1st carer meeting for students. Dinner was very welcomed by this time and a few good movies and popcorn to follow.

Monday 29th September

Today started with some fun craft type activities. The campers had the opportunity to make face masks out of plaster strips using their faces. A bit messy but fun. Or they were able to do some sand painting by coloring salt and using this to create a picture. Later that morning we all gathered by the lake to do some yabbying. Some of us caught some and others did not. Lunch was great as usual. After lunch we made our way out to the paddock to meet our 2 visiting alpacka’s. They were nice until they started to get a bit restless and started to spit. Everyone had a pat and learned all about them. To fill in some time before the next activity we had a toilet paper challenge. Each group was given rolls of toilet paper and they each had to design a costume. There were some interesting one’s to say the least. Shortly after the Formula Motor sports brought a sports vehicle for us to look at. It was transported in a huge trailer and it was able to reach incredible speeds. We all learned about the race car and how it works, some of us even tried to get into it. That was a challenge. After dinner we had a huge camp fire. We discovered a few singers among us and eventually we all joined in. We even had some toasted marshmallows. By the time it got too dark and sparks were flying Professor Bunsen had arrived and was waiting for us in the rec hall for more activities. We had a light show with glow in the dark products and saw more weird and wonderful science tricks.

Tuesday 30th September

Today we all had a chance to paint and decorate our masks. We created string ties to hang off our keys and pictures with lots of colored beads. Mid morning we has a model aircraft display, so up to the top of the hill we all climbed to watch all the model planes flying around in the air doing lots of tricks. After lunch we learned how to meditate and do some Thai Chi moves, then in our groups we built and decorated our own solar systems. There were some very interesting ideas some people had about how the milky way should look like. We played some board games and had some free time. After dinner we had our all famous Trivia Night. Lots of interesting questions flying around, even some disputes about the answers.

Wednesday 1st October

This morning’s craft activities consisted of creating some textured pictures using garden materials, decorating door hangers and crating wacky worm fridge magnets. Later in the morning we got into our groups and were given an item. Our challenge was to create a commercial which we would show to everyone tonight. After lunch we had an amazing race around the grounds. Some of us became very lost whilst others know exactly where to go and won the race as a result.  Later that afternoon we were given a list of Australian slang words and terms and we had to write up a story using as many slang words as possible. This really tested everyone’s imaginations and showed how creative we could all be. As we winded this up a man from the circus came on his unicycle. He entertained us for a while as he showed us some of his amazing circus tricks. After dinner was our opportunity to show all. Each group presented the commercial we had all been practicing all day. What a barrel of laughs that was. Now it was time for some gambling for the adults. The kids went to bed and the casino was open for business. Some lost all their chips and some became chip millionaires.

Thursday 2nd October

This morning we had an opportunity to do some straw painting, finger print pictures and make pasta necklaces, followed by a movie. This was very creative and entertaining for the young ones whilst the older campers had some me time. After lunch the CSIRO came and put on a presentation. They told us all about how cats land when they are thrown from various heights and many other interesting scientific phenomenons. Now time for camper / carer photos. Boris took great pride once again in photographing our group. After dinner everyone had an opportunity to get all dressed up for tonight’s party. Some turned up to dinner with costumes on and some got dressed up after dinner. We had all sorts of space people there. Some of us even had green painted faces. Kareoke and costumes went down really well as we all partied on until we could no more.

Friday 3rd October

This morning everyone had a chance to have a sleep in. When we got up we packed our stuff, took it outside and went to brunch. The little sandwiches and dim sims were a favourite with all. Once our tummies were full we started to pack the vehicles and watched as some campers were picked up by their parents. The remaining campers and their stuff were loaded onto the buses, lots of goodbyes were said, lots of hugs and exchanges of emails and off we were back to MDA. Another great camp!!