CampMDA # 73

Sunday 18th-  23rd January 2009
Mt Eliza, Camp Manyung


1. Brendan Aurich
2. Verun Behl
3. Russell Cameron
4. Dylan Chircop
5. Brodie D’Amico
6. Luke David
7. Shaun Deayton
8. Ryan Deayton
9. Jack Dexter
10.Dominic Di Battista
11.Jack Evans
12.Carol Favero
13.Cayden Foley
14.Jorge Garcia
15.Daniel George
16.Mark Innes Irons
17.Mathew Maugeri
18.Jamie McBryde
19.Thomas McGann
20.Kakona Meddings
21.Daniel Moran
22.Mathew Morrison
23.Dominic Murdaca
24.Michael Murdaca
25.Magda Niedweidz
26.Zade Norris
27.Lee Noyes
28.Elizabeth  Owen
29.Brenton Powell
30.Robin Prem
31.Dominic Renye
32.Katrina Rose
33.Doreen Saliba
34.Thomas Shay
35.Ryan Struk
36.Doul Thiep
37.Stephanie Tickner
38.Garcia Yous


Boris M Struk
Samantha Shannahan
Sophie Phare
Abby Rose Bonavia
Yui Yamishita
Zoe Elana Waters
Leah Mathews
Kristian Bole
Sean Richardson
Melissa NG
Elissa Bruechert
David Mitchell
Alexander Smith
Sarah Lovegott
Murray Paternoster
Tina Iofridda
Alarna Spierings
Laura Presse
Katie Kalic
Erica Lucci
Laura Eastwood
Greg Felsenthal
Kara Fattore
Emma Farrell
Kartrina Greulich
Vicki Cavalieros
Richard Hills
Sarah Kavanaugh
John Dalton
Lucky Renye
Frank Saliba
Athur  Rahman
Elizabeth Davies
Sarah Wade
Tracey Ramsdale
Rachel David
Danniella Villano
Richard Hills
Rebecca Szucs
Freya Mcgregor
Sue McKee


Lyndsey Doherty
Lewis Cavalieros
Thomas Stronghillis
Bill Schlink


Sunday 18th January 2009

We arrived at Camp Manyung and greeted by our volunteer cooks who had a sausage sizzle going for all us hot and hungry campers. Most carers had already arrived whilst some were still arriving together with some late coming campers and their parents. The sonic manipulator dropped in from out of space and played some very weird music for us. We were all fascinated by the experience. As it got hotter and hotter we all made our way inside to the air conditioned room where we played our get to know you games. That was a hit as always. We were then given some free time to go and unpack our stuff and get organized. After dinner we watched a few DVD’s and ate lots of popcorn. Getting this organized was adventurous in itself as it was still daylight and had the film projected onto the wall. We had to cover all doors and windows to be able to see anything until the sun came down.

Monday 19th January 2009

This morning we had x –box heats. This activity was welcomed by all young kids as they always love electronic games. Later that morning we played some word type games, we catered for all ages young and old and this gave us an opportunity to continue tot get to know each other. That afternoon we played the board game “Cluedo”, however with a twist. We used the entire campsite and in our activity groups. Team D received Victory for this. By this time it was getting pretty hot and muggy so we made our way back to the air conditioned room and played more board games and other craft activities. After dinner we ran a game called screening quiz. We watched a scene from a movie and had to memorize it. Then answer questions about that scene. This really tested us all and was a game great for all ages. This was followed by bedtime for the little one and battle of the sexes for the adults. By this time it was all on. Male against female. This sure separated the chaff from the hay.

Tuesday 20th January 2009

This morning was very hot so we decided to play laser skirmish in the morning instead of the afternoon. The skirmish team came and set up the grounds. Everyone divided into teams and were given guns and ammunition. Then it was all out, war!! Everyone really got into it even the most placid or us all. After lunch we gathered in the air conditioned room and did more craft activities, lay around in the heat and created our portion of the mural which will be sewn together to make a large mural. Later in the afternoon we also made soap and candles to take home and played a few games of Bingo. Lots of prizes to give away to winners and lots of drinks of water and wet face washer were going around. Some even had water spray bottles. After dinner we had our infamous trivia night where all put their thinking caps on in a challenge to win.

Wednesday 21st January 2009

Today we started the day with an outdoor activity earlier on as it was going to be a hot one once again. We got some UHF radio’s and played a game sort of like a scavenger hunt using CB radios. It was a bit confusing when Zade hogged up the radio and no else could get through giving his team an advantage on winning. Later that afternoon we all had our faces drawn by a professional caricature man. He came along and drew us all, we all looked quite funny to say the least. A fairly laid back, hot afternoon and after dinner we had the opportunity to play the game show The price is Right. Zade who loves game shows pretended to be Larry as we all tried to guess the most accurate price for each item. We finished the night off with a late night movie, and supper.

Thursday 22nd January 2009

This morning all the little ones gathered to play more memory and interactive games. Activities were set up in the hall as the hot weather wore us down again. The afternoon activities were cancelled as our break dancer and police dog squad cancelled their appearance. I think the heat must have deterred them. Never mind we all enjoyed the free time. Group photos and camper carer photos were then taken by Boris as he enjoyed watching us all pose. Then came time for us to get our party outfits ready. After dinner we all got dressed up and hit the party. The karaoke and DJ was once again a great hit as we discovered some more talent among us. The party finished with a bang and for some continued in their rooms. That is until Vicki got to them.

Friday 23rd January 2009

Ahh Sleep in time after aftermath of that raging party. What a night we all look absolutely buggered, the heat and all that dancing has taken it’s toll. Brunch was enjoyed by all and gave us an opportunity to replenish our energy levels for the big pack ahead. Campers and cares all said lots of goodbyes lots of hugs as some were picked up by parents and the rest were strapped into the vehicles and taken to MDA. Yet another great camp.


  • Frank and Robin using a riffle in laser skirmish
  • Zade hosting the price is right
  • The man from out of space – Sonic Manipulator
  • David and the other boys dressing up as girls
  • Doreen and Carol getting their caricatures drawn