CampMDA # 74

14th – 18th April 2009
Derby Hill Blue Light Camp – Maldon


1. Dylan Chircop
2. Luke David
3. Ryan Deayton
4. Shaun Deayton
5. Dom Di Battista
6. Jack Evans
7. Caydn Foley
8. Jorge Garcia
9. Daniel George
10.Dan Maugeri
11.Jamie McBryde
12.Thomas McGann
13.Angus McMahon
14.Dan Moran
15.Dom Murdaca
16.Michael Murdaca
17.James North-Coombes
18.Jules North-Coombes
19.Lee Noyes
20.Robin Prem
21.Brenton Powell
22.Josh Rycken
23.Doreen Saliba
24.Ryan Struk
24.Stephanie Tickner


Boris M Struk
Sarah Hockey
Ann Arciuli
Chandika Jaya
Ann Arciuli
Ken Forbes
Kim Smith
Lucas Bartlett
Rebecca Zammit
Inderjit Kaur
Stephanie Tuyau
Charmaine Hovey
Jessica Newton
Hannah Kennedy
Murray Paternoster
Sarah Wade
Jessica McKinnon
Rachel Hammond
Sarah Iannarella
Chris Wallis
Ebony Steele
Deborah Young
Frank Saliba
Craig Servinis
Nyrie McCabe
Kristian Bole
Julia Mihalic
Margaret Romeo
Vicki Cavalieros
Sue McKee
Rebecca Szucs


Natalie (Bunnings)
Karen (Bunnings)



Tuesday 14th April

A beautiful warm, sunny day lay ahead. Some campers met us at the MDA offices and after loading up, the three vehicles headed for Maldon. We met the other campers and Carers at the campsite around 1pm. Sandwiches were on offer for those who hadn’t yet had lunch. After having a chat will fellow campers, unpacking and room allocations took place. We met in the Rec. Room for introduction games. Everyone familiarised themselves with their surroundings. After a dinner of spaghetti Bolognese and chocolate mousse, we watched the movie “School of Rock”. The younger campers headed off to their rooms, and the older campers watched one of their choice.

Wednesday 15th April

Big day planned today. We met at Maldon Railway Station and boarded the steam train for a trip into Castlemaine. The train ride took about 45 minutes and everyone enjoyed the trip. We arrived at Castlemaine and broke into groups for shopping and having a look around. The wind was really cold, and some campers headed for the warmth of the indoors for a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Most of us met at the park for a lunch of Subway and huge cookies. Bit more looking around and we met back at the station at 3:30 for our trip back to Maldon. The Bendigo Advertiser met us there and did an interview and took some photos for the local paper. We arrived back at Derby Hill in time for dinner. After dinner we had a screening quiz, which really got everyone thinking.

Thursday 16th April

After breakfast this morning, we had Karen and Natalie from Bunnings, Bendigo came to camp so the campers could create candle holders from terracotta pots. They brought along string, stones, paints and stencils for some very creative pieces of artwork. Everyone got involved. Most of the boys went down to the basketball court for a rugby game, and it was great to watch. It was great to have nice weather for some outdoor activity. After lunch we had our group scavenger hunt and easter egg hunt around the campsite. Some very creative imaginations came into play. Some of the guys went to play hockey, some played poker and some of the other campers did some craft work. After dinner we were hoping to have a camp fire, but because of fire restrictions, we had to “pretend”. We had the gas fires set up outside the Rec. Room and drew a racing track on the concrete. The remote control cars came out and there were a few crashes. A bit later, Lucas brought his guitar out and he and Rebecca entertained us with their talents. There were also activities going on inside – the X Box always seems to be a favourite.

Friday 17th April

After breakfast, we all headed down to the Rec. Room for craft activities – painting, pipe cleaners, etc. Some campers started on their costumes for party night. The theme was “Gold Rush”. After lunch we played Maldon Monopoly – a cryptic version. Some groups got very competitive. We were all back at camp by 4:00pm. The camper/carer photos were taken, along with quite a few group shots. After dinner, everyone was all geared up for the party night. Some of the costumes were really great. We did the winning group presentation, and handed out some certificates of achievement. It was great to see everyone dancing and enjoying themselves.

Saturday 18th April

We got to have a bit of a sleep in today.  We started packing all the gear and placing it in piles for loading up again. After brunch, we finished packing and started loading the trailers for the trip back home. Everyone said their goodbyes, swapped Facebook details and phone numbers. We had our passengers loaded, everyone else had been picked up from camp, and we headed off.


It was great to see old friendships reignited and new friendships made.

Special mention to Robin Prem for his fantastic costume on party night.

Ken finding the camp idol – Murray very disappointed.