CampMDA # 75

27th September – 2nd October 2009
Lady Northcote Recreation Camp, Bacchus Marsh


1. Adrian Autelitano
2. Angus McMahon
3. Ashleigh Jamieson
4. Brenton Powell
5. Brodie D’Amico
6. Carol Favero
7. Caydn Foley
8. Dan Maugeri
9. Dan Moran
10.Daniel George
11.Dom DiBattista
12.Dom Murdaca
13.Dom Renye
14.Duol Thiep
15.Jack Dexter
16.Jack Evans
17.Jamie Mc Bryde
18.Jonathon Apostolopaulos
19.James North-Coombes
20.Jules North-Coombes
21.Josh Rycken
22.Kaya Akyildiz
23.Keelin Foley
24.Lee Noyes
25.Lizzy Owen
26.Luke David
27.Magda Niedweidz
28.Jorge Garcia
29.Ryan Deayton
30.Ryan Struk
31.Shaun Deayton
32.Matt Maugeri
33.Ryan Williams
34.Russell Cameron
35.Stephanie Tickner
36.Thomas McGann
37.Thomas Shay
38.Matthew Hindriks
39.William Maskell
40.Doreen Saliba
41.Zade Norris
42.Michael Murdaca
43.Mark Innes-Irons


Boris M Struk
Angie Weyenberg
Julia Chan
Emma Prowse
Melanie Zwagerman
Tracey D’Amico
Jasmine Watson
Pete Davidson
Kane Oman
David Sculac
Shannon Devlin
Ken Forbes
John Dalton
Raj Rahman
Jessica Sudholz
Julia Mihalic
Kim Smith
Maddison Panozza
Amanda McGrath
Elise Hoeler
Danielle Azzato
Madeleine Taylor
Ozi Akyildiz
Leah Matthews
Anthony To
Charlotte Sumsaks
Ann Arciuli
Toni Ann Kirkwood
Rose Broadway
Sam Sacco
Richard Hills
Lisa Edwards
Vicky Stewart
Tim McNeill
Tran Hoang
Stephanie Melvin
Penny Mestrovic
Shannan Flood
Tegan Nolan
Frank Saliba
Rebecca Zammit
Kate Wharton
Jenny Tanner
Matt Lean
Tracey D’Amico
Tanya Jenkinson
Ozi Akyilidiz
Ann Arciuli
Rebecca Zammit
Frank Saliba
Ken Forbes
Richard Hills
Raj Rahman
Julia Mihalic
Tim McNeill
Vicki Cavalieros
Margaret Romeo
David Mitchell
Marg Forbes
John Dalton
Sue McKee
Rebecca Szucs
Julia Tattersall
Zuki Gonzales


Tia D’Amico
Alex D’Amico
Brandon Williams
Alexander George
Veronica Maskell
Georgette Apostolopoulos
Josh Norris
Douglas George
Demi Apostlolopoulos


Marsh Rodders
Bacchus Marsh SES
Vic Police Dog Squad
Megan Hopman
Peter & Sue Doutch
Emma Dorn
Marg Webster
Vic Police Airwing
Dolphin Research
Bunnings Melton
Timothy Webster
Rotary Club Melton Valley



The weather wasn’t too kind to us. It was blowing a gale as we were loading the trailer. The bus wouldn’t start and after a call to the RACV, they came out and got us going.

Driving up the Western Hwy was quite a challenge, especially for John on the bus. The tarps were coming loose and acting as a sail in the wind. We pulled over and retied them.

We finally arrived at Camp behind schedule. The Melton Valley Rotary were there and had the barbecue under control. The Harleys rode into camp with us and quite a few campers and carers had their Harley rides.

The popcorn and fairy floss machines were rather popular, as were the Clown and the Fairy.

After parents left, introductions were done and before we knew it, it was time for dinner. Roast lamb on the menu tonight.

The younger campers watched “17 Again” and after they went to bed, the older campers watched “Cellular”.


While we had jewellery making, pet rocks and bath salts in the rec. room, the older campers were playing rugby up on the basketball court and the siblings were trying out the low ropes course.

Senior Constable Kathryn Koop from the Victoria Police Dog Squad brought some very special guests to visit. Two most adorable German Shepherd pups which will be trained to become police dogs and a Labrador called Oakey, who is trained as a drug sniffer dog.

Lots and lots of oohs and aahs – very cute.

After lunch of salad rolls, we had a visit from the Bacchus Marsh SES. Peter and Stan the Man brought with them the jaws of life and quite a few of the younger campers had a go at cutting up car parts.

In the afternoon Matt Maugeri, as part of his work experience, held a variety of science experiments. Nothing got blown up! Most of the experiments worked.

The siblings went on a bike ride this afternoon, and the ever popular rugby was once again played on the basketball court.

After a dinner of spaghetti Bolognese we had a trivia night.


What a glorious day! The wind has died down and the sun is shining. After breakfast we had magnet making, yabbying and x box. Lots of yabbies were caught and put back in the dam.

The siblings went canoeing, which was an absolute scream. Everyone ended up in the water amid ear piercing screams from a couple of the girls. The best part was when Marg Forbes got tipped in.

After a barbecue lunch we had a visit from Woody and the guys from the Marsh Rodders. The cars were very impressive. Almost everyone got to have a ride or two. It was fantastic, as the weather was perfect for it. Woody was great, and let us hoist the older guys into his car, so no one missed out.

Late afternoon the guys played hockey and we had more craft activities on the go as well.

This evening we played bingo and charades.


The wind is starting to pick up again today, but the sun is still shining. After breakfast we had a visit from two ladies from Bunnings in Melton. Most of the campers and carers participated and painted some terracotta pots. There were some obvious artists present. The siblings had their rides on the flying fox.

Mid morning was once again – rugby for the older guys. Some went yabbying again and caught plenty more yabbies. Brodie D’Amico found the camp idol.

After lunch we had a visit from Ben from the Dolphin Research Institute. It was very interesting and informative. Ben was a very good presenter and got the audience involved.

We had a bit of free time this afternoon and some crafts and jewellery making. Some campers started getting their costumes ready for the party tomorrow night. The siblings had great fun on the giant swing.

This evening we had a camp fire with a few scary stories, and then all the teams performed their “Sing and Sell” advertisements, as created by some students we had earlier in the year.

Some groups went for 30 seconds, but one group went for about 30 minutes!!


We had an early breakfast today, as we had a visit from the Victoria Police Air Wing. They came and landed the helicopter on the oval amid the dust and covered everyone. They did a talk and a few of the younger kids put on the earphones, etc. Lots of photos were taken and when they took off, we got covered in dust again. They circled the camp site and went off to their next destination. The siblings played archery for a while and the other campers had a scavenger hunt before lunch and just about everyone found all the items. This afternoon was mainly spent finishing costumes, and Boris taking the traditional camp photos. We had the hall decorated after dinner and the party was about to begin. The costumes were fantastic! Everyone came dressed as something/someone starting with their first initial. Very creative. Imaginations were running rife. Plenty of campers got up to sing with the karaoke and everyone was dancing. Party poppers and balloons popping all night. We wound up the night around 1:30am and everyone went off to bed.


After a bit of a sleep in (for some) it was time to pack up and head home. Luckily the rain held off and we were able to pack the trailers and vehicles in dry weather. Everyone said their goodbyes, swapped Facebook details and phone numbers.


  • Seeing Marg Forbes get tipped out of her canoe.
  • Having the siblings on camp, which helped to strengthen their relationships.
  • The costumes – fantastic!!!!!
  • Those cute little puppy dogs.