CampMDA # 76

Sunday 17th January – Friday 22nd January 2010
Camp Manyung, Mt Eliza


1. Finbar McCann
2. Angus McMahon
3. Russell Cameron
4. Jack Evans
5. Keelin Foley
6. Garcia Yous
7. Caydn Foley
8. Dom Renye
9. Dan Moran
10.Jack Dexter
11.Luke David
12.Dom DiBattista
13.Adrian Autelitano
14.Brenton Powell
15.Ryan Struk
16.Matthew Hindriks
17.Ryan Williams
18.Ashleigh Jamieson
19.Bronwyn Ashley
20.Brandon Morgan
21.Daniel Maugeri
22.Mark Innes-Irons
23.Josh Rycken
24.Matthew Morrison
25.Thomas McGann
26.Matthew Maugeri
27.Shaun Deayton
28.Lizzy Owen
29.Daniel George
30.Ryan Deayton
31.Mitch Donaldson
32.Dylan Chircop
33.Brodie D’Amico
34.Jorge Garcia
35.Michael Murdaca
36.Jamie McBryde
37.Dom Murdaca
38.Elvira Alic
39.Magda Niedzwiez
40.Lee Noyes
41.Doreen Saliba


Amanda Little
Alexandra Hillman
Arun Kumar
Cecile Vaughan
Danielle Walpole
Erin Hammond
Pete Davidson
Murray Paternoster
Dave Sculac
Julia Chan
Marg Forbes
Ken Forbes
Julia Mihalic
Beth O’Halloran
Richard Hills
Louise Juran
Hannah Goltz
Emma Callahan
Laura Potter
Tegan Kohler
Katherine Sewell
Jeddah Meyers
Jennifer Parkes
Merrin Leamon
Alex D’Amico
Elise Sampson
Rachel Rosenzweig
Anna-Marie Hammil
Johannah Dooley
Sue Donaldson
Gulcan Adikli
Tracey Ramsdale
Camilla Fraser
Kara Rozitis
Binhaifa Walji
Raj Rahman
Rebecca Boyack
Yvonne Jones
Tom Murphy
Frank Saliba
Tanya Jenkinson
Julia Chan
Marg Forbes
Ken Forbes
Tracey Ramsdale
Sue Donaldson
Alex D’Amico
Frank Saliba
Sue McKee
Rebecca Szucs
Tanya Jenkinson
Arun Kumar
Raj Rahman
Julia Mihalic
Richard Hills
Boris M Struk
Vicki Cavalieros
Margaret Romeo


Lyndsey Doherty
Hugo (dog)
Glenn Gibbons
Bianca Romeo
Karl McGrouther
Bill Shlink
Jason White
Liam Hunt
Chris Goman
Stan Alves
Jenny from Bunnings


Day 1 – Sunday 17th January

Started out a soggy camp. The rain just wouldn’t hold off. Arrived to campsite at 1pm. Boris, Glenn, Bianca and Karl cooked the barbecue lunch for us. After the parents left we had the usual introductions and campers and carers got to know each other a bit. Everyone went off to find their rooms and unpack and get settled in.

We had spaghetti bolognese for dinner then headed off to the Rec Room to watch a movie. The younger campers watched “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”. When they finished and headed off to bed, the older campers watched “Taken”.

Day 2 – Monday 18th January

Bit of a slow start this morning. Everyone was still learning the ropes. After breakfast we set up the jigsaw in the rec room which was there till the end of camp. Everyone got excited each time they found a piece. The campers who chose to, painted their own t shirts. Some very impressive art work to be seen. The ‘Camp Idol’ was hidden.

After lunch we had a visit from Stan Alves, the former St. Kilda player and coach. He held the audience captive for an hour or so with his presentation about life and how to never give up. Everyone in attendance was inspired. Jewellery making and arts and crafts in the rec room filled in a bit of time. It was a bit hard to do any outdoor activities as the weather was not being kind to us. A few campers headed off for a tour of the Morning Star Winery over the road – beautiful gardens. Unfortunately, Dom Murdaca got a puncture and we waited for the RACV, who couldn’t help him. He eventually got a new tyre the following day.

Tonight we had a Casino Night – Poker, Blackjack and Roulette were the favourites. Russell won the most chips in a single hand – 700!!!! We had several of the girls making mocktails – some were a bit unusual!

Day 3 – Tuesday 19th January

The weather was not sure what it was going to do today. We all prayed that the rain would hold off, as we had an activity that was loved by most – Laser Skirmish. It was played until lunchtime. Everyone got to have a go and really enjoyed it.

After lunch we all headed back to the rec room for a bit of messy fun. We played jelly bean search. There were 5 jelly beans on a paper plate covered with whipped cream. A carer and a camper from each team was blindfolded and had to get the jelly beans out without their hands. Very funny, very messy!!!

We set up some arts and crafts – magnet making, etc.

It was a beautiful night – we had our campfire and toasted marshmallows. It was really nice to see everyone gathered around laughing and chatting.


Day 4 – Wednesday 20th January

Jenny from Mornington Bunnings came to visit this morning and the campers were able to paint/decorate bags, door hangers and key tags. I’m sure Ryan Williams made one of each. His bag was full of his craft activities when he went home.

The campers who didn’t do Bunnings played hockey on the basketball court. It was great to see the older guys teaching the younger ones how to play.

We split the camp into two groups for this afternoon’s activities. Whilst one group was making kites in the dining room, the other group was in the rec room with the Roaming Reptiles. Thank goodness they weren’t really roaming. Everyone got a close up look at snakes, lizards, frogs and even a crocodile.

Tonight was a night that can only be described as fun! Some past students we had at the office suggested this next activity. Called ‘Ugly Shirt Parade’, a representative from each group was nominated to be the model and the rest of the group got to dress them up in their home made ‘Ugly Shirt’. They had accessories galore. They then chose a song from the CD and strutted their stuff. Very creative are our campers and carers.

Ashleigh Jamieson brought the prize home for her team. There was no holding back with Ash.

Day 5 – Thursday 21st January

With lights flashing and sirens blaring, we had a visit from the Mt Eliza CFA this morning. Three firemen came to show us their truck and hoses. They sprayed a fair amount of ‘recycled’ water over the basketball court. They were a great bunch of guys who answered all the questions thrown at them. Jack Evans was his usual inquisitive self – and then…………

When the firies left, everyone got into their groups and played the UHF Radio Game. Apparently not a very popular activity. Must keep that in mind for next time.

This afternoon we had some free time. Some campers went on a nature walk whilst some started getting their costumes ready for tonight. All the campers and carers lined up on the basketball court for the traditional photos. By this time it was really warm and the sun was beating down on us. So different from the first couple of days.

After dinner, we all got ready for BOGAN night. What a fantastic theme! The costumes were great. Lots of flannelette, tattoos, mullets and blackened teeth. We danced and sang to traditional Aussie music.

Day 6 – Friday 22nd January

We had a bit of a sleep in this morning due to such a late one last night. Everything was packed and we were all ready to go after we had our brunch.

Parents and taxis arrived to collect their campers. We arrived back at MDA at 3pm.