CampMDA # 78

Monday 5th July – Friday 9th July 2010
Urban Camp, Parkville


1. Ryan Struk
2. Dylan Chircop
3. Luke David
4. Ryan Deayton
5. Shaun Deayton
6. Dominic Di Battista
7. Mathew Maugeri
8. Daniel Maugeri
9. Jamie McBryde
10.Thomas McGann
11.Dominic Murdaca
12.Michael Murdaca
13.Jules North-Coombs
14.Lee Noyes
15.Brenton Powell
16.Joshua Rycken


Boris M Struk
Stephanie Stewart
Lillian Ponton
Tracie Thornton
Brittany Lobb
Annalise Thomson
Stephanie Lao
Emily Smyth
Melissa Whiteley
Mathew Heath
Alex D’Amico
Georgina Kemp
Grace McKenna
Cory Holmes
Sally Hogan
Julia Mihalic
Susan Wolfe
Tim McNeill
Rebecca Szucs



Monday 5th July

Everyone started to arrive at about 12.00 lunch time. We seemed to have a bit of a problem with the bedding so most beds needed to be re assembled. Campers were dropped off by their parents and they had time to catch up with each other whilst the beds were being made up. We had sandwiches for lunch which were fairly ordinary. After lunch and when the bed were finished everyone went to their rooms and unpacked and got to know their carers. Once every one had settled in it was time for the night’s activities. We had pizza delivered and watched a movie on the big screen. Vicki came to visit and brought a range of movies to choose from. Following movie night everyone went to bed. It took carers a bit longer to work out the best way to get their campers to bed. They actually had a reasonably early night. They must have been a bit tired.

Tuesday 6th July

Everyone was up bright and early. Breakfast consisted of cereal and toast. Campers were not really very impressed. They all wanted to know where the bacon and eggs were. After breakfast we headed off to the zoo. Luckily it was a really nice day and not too cold. Everyone really enjoyed the outing and looking at all the animals. Most of us got to see the new baby elephant “Marley”. We had sandwiches for lunch again which had been prepared by the campsite. Once we got back it was time for clean up and dinner. Dinner consisted of a cooked roast which was again fairly ordinary. Campers not impressed. After dinner we played a screening quiz. This is a game where you watch parts of a movie and then have to answer questions based on what you saw. Half way through the evening we stopped for a break and rummaged through the kitchen for some supper. Soon it was time for bed.

Wednesday 7th July

Everyone was up again for another day. Breakfast again was cereal and toast. Again campers not impressed. Still looking for bacon and eggs. Never mind perhaps the activities would be good and made up for it. We gathered around and got into our groups. Each group left for the city at 20 min intervals. They caught the train in and started their navigation tour once they got off the train. In general it was a good day, the sun was shinning but it was a bit fresh. Again more sandwiches, but I have the feeling most went into the bin, and campers bought their lunch. Only so many sandwiches we can eat. C team was the winner of this challenge with 154 points all up. Once we made our way back to the campsite it had started to get a bit colder, so just as well that we got back in time for dinner. Dinner consisted of pasta and veggies, which we think were leftovers from the night before. After dinner we had Jeff Williams come and visits with his wife. They make their own wines and they gave up a talk on how wines are made and what food they are best served with. Everyone over 18 yrs got to try a few wines and the children tried the non alcoholic wines. All the campers and carers really enjoyed this as they go to eat some cheese and bikkis with their wine.  Following the wine tasting we decided to run a quick trivia game. Once everyone had enough it was again time for bed.

Thursday  8th July

Everyone was up again this morning bright and early. After breakfast, this time we had sloppy porridge. For the morning activities we got into our activity groups and played some Olympics games. The games consisted of relay’s and other games such as a balloon bursting competition. It was very obvious when they burst a balloon as it was filled with powder. They also had a warm up for the hockey game which was to be played later on in the day. Lunch that day was a BBQ which we cooked ourselves. Most people enjoyed this BBQ as it was a change from sandwiches. After lunch we make our way to the National State Hockey Center. We took up almost the entire stadium and we played hockey and soccer. Some of the carers also played basketball. Once we had enough of that we went back to the campsite before it got too late and too cold. Dinner consisted of Chicken Parmigana and veggies, which we think may have been from the first night. Tonight was party night, we found some equipment which we were able to use campers ipods to play music. We had lots of chips, lollies, and soft drinks and everyone had lots of fun dancing and winning prizes.

Friday 9th July

Everyone was up a bit later, and we had brunch which consisted of bacon, eggs and baked beans. Mmm sounds like breakfast to me. Anyhow at least we finally got our bacon and eggs. Everyone was looking forward to going home to a good meal that night. Soon campers and carers had cleaned out their rooms and packed up their bags. Parents started to arrive and pick up their kids, beds were disassembled and we all left on a happy note.


  • Sandwiches every day
  • Tim lost lots of points for wearing wrong name tag
  • Wine and Cheese night