CampMDA # 79

Sunday 26th September – Friday 1st October 2010
Lady Northcote, Bacchus Marsh


1. Ryan Struk
2. Russell Cameron
3. Brodie D”Amico
4. Luke David
5. Ryan Deayton
6. Dominic Di Battista
7. Jack Evans
8. Caydon Foley
9. Keelin Foley
10.Jorge Garcia
11.Daniel George
12.Joanne Imke
13.Ashleigh Jamieson
14.William Maskell
15.Daniel Maugeri
16.Mathew Maugeri
17.Jamie McBryde
18.Angus McMahon
19.Thomas McGann
20.Daniel Moran
21.Brandon Morgan
22.Michael Murdaca
23.Domenic Murdaca
24.Zade Norris
25.James North-Coombes
26.Lee Noyes
27.Elizabeth Owen
28.Brenton Powell
29.Katrina Rose
30.Dominic Renye
31.Josh Rycken
32.Doreen saliba
33.Bronwyn Ashley
34.Ryan Williams
35.Emma jones


36.Tia D”Amico
37.Alex D”Amico
38.Emmerson Foley
39.Douglas George
40.Veronia Maskell
41.Hugh McMahon
42.Josh Norris
43.Brandon Williams


Boris M Struk
Ann Arciuli
Amanda Domigan
Kaylene Ellifson
Maria Fernanda-Sanc
Lauryn Lambourn
Julia Lazzari
Lauryn Lambourn
Alicia Muller
Ellysha O’Connor
Karlee Saunderson
Adriana Zoumbilis
Anthony To
David Sculac
Julia Chan
Richard Hills
Erhard Imke
Leah Mathews
Helen McClernon
Tracey Ramsdale
Lucky Renye
Frank Saliba
Ken Forbes
Tanya Jenkinson
Merrin leamon
Tim McNeill
Sue Wolfe
Toni-ann Kirkwood
Rebecca Szucs
Erin Hammond
Susan McKee
Merrin Leamon
Stephanie Melvin
Julia Mihalic
Rebecca Zammit



Sunday 26th Sept

Well it was a nice sunny day to the start of the September camp. The warmest day we have had in awhile. We started off with a bbq at about 1 pm for every one and then every one took turns at a ride on the harley bikes very nice indeed. As the afternoon rolled on we got every one settled into their rooms and then every one came down to the main hall to have tea. Every one was happy and eager to start camp. After tea we put on a couple of movies and just sat back and watched them.

Monday 27th Sept

Well it was a cool start to the day but the smell of clean country air was just great. We started the day with activities for the younger campers as the older campers enjoyed a sleep in. As the afternoons weather turned very cool and rainy we had to cancel the outing to the Rifle Range which was disappointing for the older boys. But we had a visit from the CFA with their fire truck which the younger ones found very exciting; especially when they turned on the long hose and squirted it all around the car park J We had a visit from Tony who drew every ones face on paper. He really did a great job and every one was more than happy with there drawings.

We had a nice tea and then settled into a night of talent show. It was a good talent show but was hard to get all the groups to participate as some of them get so shy about performing in front of others.

Tuesday 28th Sept

Well it was another cool start to the day but it’s always great to smell that fresh air. After breakfast we started with activities for those who were around. Then it was time for a scavenger hunt and in the afternoon we had a visit from Tony and he brought all his reptile animals along for us all to have a look at. Every one just loved the show and the green frog was just so cute but when he pulled out the snakes you could hear whispers of ooooooh how big are they. Later in the afternoon we had indoor games to play and then we a toilet roll paper challenge. After our tea was our big night of Trivia. It was a good night and the questions kept you guessing J

Wednesday 29th Sept

Well after breaky and our usual activities we had food olympics. Well it was so much fun to watch, people had peanut butter on there faces, some had blind folds and were tasting spreads as they were placed into their mouths. Every one seemed to have so much fun. In the afternoon we had a visit from Ben Hutton and his Magic Show. It was truly great and after he was finished he spent so much time with the younger campers showing them tricks and they really enjoyed it. Later that night we had a story teller come in and tell us a few stories. The hall looked really great with all the candles around (it was just a pity due to bad weather we couldn’t do it out side)

Thursday  30th Sept

Well today was going to be our last full day of camp. The weather was still cool but that was ok as it was party night tonight and there was heaps to do. So after breaky we started decorating the hall. We had streamers and balloons everywhere. Then we started putting all the Halloween party things around the walls. It really looked great by the time we finished. Party night is always so much fun and everyone makes a effort in dressing up. In the afternoon we had the camp photos and after that was tea, followed by every one getting ready for party night. Well the night was a great hit with every one looking good in their costumes and everyone just enjoying the music. Every one went to bed happy as it was a good night J

Friday 1st Oct

Well our last day of camp had arrived and would you believe it the sun was shining. Every one was busy getting their campers ready and packing up there rooms. We had a nice spread on for brunch and then it was time to pack up the buses and say goodbye.


  • The food was just great so you never went hungry.
  • The siblings all had a great time with there adult career.
  • Party night was really great the hall looked good and everyone really put a effort into the costumes.