CampMDA # 80

16th January 2011 – 21st January 2011
Camp Manyung Mt Eliza


1. Ryan Struk
2. Brendan Aurisch
3. Shaun Deayton
4. Caydn Foley
5. Jules North-Coombes
6. Thomas McGann
7. Brandon Morgan
8. James North-Coombes
9. Dominic Renye
10.Nathan Travers
11.Brodie D’Amico
12.Luke David
13.Ryan Deayton
14.Jorge Garcia
15.Emma Jones
16.Michael Murdaca
17.Russell Camerson
18.Dominic Di Battista
19.Jack Evans
20.Keelin Foley
21.Jamie McBryde
22.Murdaca Domenic
23.Browyn Ashley
24.Daniel George
25.Daniel Moran
26.Matthew Morrison
27.Lee Noyes
28.Ashleigh Jamieson
29.Matthew Maugeri
30.Brenton Powell
31.Daniel Maugeri


Boris M Struk
Kim Smith
Chantelle Karo
Heidi Caldwell
Zvezdana Blagojevic
Ridhi Jhoomuck
Bonnie McLachan
Ryan Ganz
Tanya Jenkinson
Emily Powell
Elizabeth Kearney
Jennifer Hughes
Jonathan Casey
Emma Finnegan
Alex D’Amico
Marian Barsoum
Gabrielle Stinson
Cohen Walkerden
Amanda Domigan
Helen McClernon
Tracey Ramsdale
Gregory Thompson
Lucky Renye
Julia Lazzari
David Sculac
Jamie Waterland
Anthony To
Ken Forbes
Erin Hammond
Stephanie Melvin
Julia Mihalic
Arun Nagarajan
Rebecca Szucs
Sue Wolfee
Fiona Campbell
Erica Lucci



Sunday 16th January

Camp started with a bit of a hick-up, when we all arrived on the YMCA camp there had been another group still packing to leave, some of our luggage became a bit muck up with theirs but Sue was good enough to chat to the group and sort it all out. The BBQ run out of gas but the cook saved us by cooking it in the kitchen. The red bull girls turned up and gave out free drinks.

All the carers and camper got together and had diner. We offered to run a movie but every one was too excited to watch so they all sat and chatted. Some groups watched the cricket.


There was banner making in the recreation room and every one made a mark….Some even decided that ‘Fiona was alright’ much to everyone’s amusement.

In the afternoon a small group of over 18’s went across the road to the Morning Star winery for some wine tasting. This was really enjoyable and the campers liked to taste and hear about the different tastes of the wines.

An escape artist kept us entertained in the later part of the day. His ability to juggle fire was incredible and his escape trick was very clever. It act it self was deemed to be a little short.

Dinner was followed by Trivia night which was entertaining.


The morning activity was face painting by awesome body art, wow what a great artist. She was able to transform faces into beautiful butterflies. Some people even had nasty gashes painted on that looked very realistic.

The X-box challenge took off with a big of a bang and all the boys loved it, right up to when keelan started to play against them and started to blow them away…literally.

In the afternoon there was a presentation about reptiles in the recreation room, this was done over two sessions and proved to be really popular especially when the snake crawled into the woman presenters top…Boris got a few great photos of everyone too.


Kite making was not run with that well as the weather provide no wind. Only a couple of people did the kite making.  Instead Sue, Rebecca and Marie offered a beauty treatment. The treatments included having nails painted, hair curled, pedicures and facials. This was loved by all even most of the guys had their nails done.

In the afternoon there was a team scavenger hunt for chocolates. All the teams worked really had a making up clues and hiding chocolate. The clues were mind bending and interesting so it made it really fun to hunt for chocolates.

The CFA turned up and the men showed us their hoses and trucks. They each had on different uniforms. They talked about the attributes and purpose of each one.

In the evening everyone joined in the screening quiz…this worked better once the sun when down as the recreation room had no curtains and lots of windows.


Soap and bath bomb making turned out to be a fizzer……no show all but one….Emma the camper loved these activities but this one did not work so well as the ingredients list did not have quantities listed for the liquid amounts.

Most people enjoyed hanging out chatting to friends or played hockey and cricket on the courts.

Boris had an afternoon photo shoot with everyone on the camp.

Everyone retired to the rooms to get ready for the dance and prepare costumes.

The belly dances had an abundance of energy and gave a powerful and fun dancing display.

WOW what a great dance party. Lots of glow sticks and plenty of food. Awards were given out for the team winners and personal services and some just for fun. Late night for all


Packing up went really smoothly. A couple of parents had to be called to remind them it was pick up day but all in all everyone was happy and content at the end of camp.