CampMDA # 81

17th April – 21st April 2011
Derby Hill, Maldon


1. Dominic Di Battista
2. Claudia Forsberg
3. Ashleigh Jamieson
4.Jordan Daniels
5. Emma Jones
6. Mark Innes-Irons
7. Caleb Matatolu
8. Thomas Mcgann
9. Brendan Aurlisch
10.Jenni Hopwood
11.Daniel George
12.Luke David
13.Daniel Maugeri
14.Jorge Garica
15.Matthew Maugeri
16.Domernic Murdaca
17.Ronald Bone
18.Aminiasi Matatolu
18.Daniel Moran
21.Thomas Scanlon


Ken Forbes
Emily Powell
Murray Paternoster
Rebecca Ciavarella
Kelly Hui
Leigh Toddun
Anthony Cunningham
Jess Nyman
Ashlie Lamont
Tamara Kichakov
Rebecca Webb
Tayla Dodds
Ariel Chan
Rachael Vaccaro
Lauren Parsons
Tessa White
Abbey Morgan
Megan Filippi
David Sculac
Fiona Campbell
Julia Mihalec




Sunday 17th April

Camp started well. Fiona and Anthony turned up a bit later due to Fiona taking a special non short cut turn off.  All campers and carer introduced themselves and got straight to moving into their rooms.

We all had hotdogs for lunch there seemed to be an endless supply of hotdogs which was great as so many people were hungry when they got there.

Michael from camp Derby explained the rules and requirements for a safe camp week then Fiona talked about the activities and what was expected from everyone attending. All had been advised to hunt for the idol (a few groans from the crowd surfaced) and to hunt for the golden can of SPAM…yum..

Brendan Aurlisch was the secret STIG driver and did the race track timing so we had a start to the Games.

After dinner of Michael’s special Spag Bol. The younger kids when and watched Alice in Wonderland and the older ones chatted and watched movies that Murray brought in. After the movie all went to bed except Ronald he sat up and watched another movie.


Breakfast of champions – bacon and eggs / cereal started our bright and sunny day.

The Easter Bunny hides some early Easter eggs around the camp site. After breakfast everyone joined in the hunt having fun.

When the eggs had all been found the older ones when down the street and hit the café’s and lolly shops. The younger ones started on the arts and craft activities. Badge making was a huge hit, one camper made 20 badges! And the younger boys loved to paint especially Tomas the liked Batman.

Lunch was filling and good then at 2pm we started the CAMPMDA GAMES!

We started with the rubber chicken relay; it was a mix of girls against guys chair against chair manual against electric.

While this was going on the older guys had started on the time trial race trying to beat the Stig.( 4min 23sec.  Jorge was very quick so was Dom.  The course was rough and cross country driving skills were needed to advance in time. A few nearly came a cropper near the first turn and one struggled in the last climb.

The rest for the group headed to the Basket ball court and played Noodle Toss game. Every one joined in, every one was helped to feel included. Everyone was winning medals for joining in and winning amongst teams and groups.

Next was the beanbag race. Two people raced between the start and a circle to pick up and drop off as many beanbags as they could in a minute. Campers in manual chairs were pushed between and those unable to move arms had assistance either ends. Matt M was one of the quickest.

Then we all joined up for the Egg and Sling race ( eggs courtesy of Fiona’s chickens ) Campers paired up and had been joined by a sting and had to race others to the finish line with out losing the eggs.. Dan and Dom made a hard team to beat and so did Dom and Jorge. May eggs were harmed in this sport of yoke……

Finally the carers PJ relay,,,two teams of 10 girls dressed and undress ( kept own cloths on!) in PJ’s and dressing gown.,,,,,Fiona still owes them a milk shake for winning?

After Dinner was Trivia…. Yet to be run without a hitch,,,, this time we had the DVD and it could be seen and heard but no remote to cue it up!!    Lots of prizes won.


Everyone got up early , even Jorge and took a bus ride to Carmon’s Tunnel ( almost missed the turn off….maybe Fiona should not be in Charge of directions.  We got the chance to go under ground into Victoria’s lest profitable ex-gold mine!  It was dark but wide for all maybe a future visit could offer a bit more time exploring the darkness of the mine…..

After our lunch back at the camp all the Campers had the whole afternoon to relax and explore Maldon…Jenni  and Ron explored the local Hotel and said it as lovely.

The chocolate shop  and the lolly shop was really busy as usual. The rest of the campers watched DVDs did art and craft and made more badges,

After dinner was Camp fire night…We all had Marshmallows and enjoyed hot choc. Fiona Tried camp fire popcorn…well fire played a big part of it … once Fee put out the fire inside the monster sized foil ball there was a few eatable pieces then she tried again and again…not much luck.


Our last day and the wet one. We walked to the train station then the rain hit lucky Jorge and Daniel had ponchos and the rest of us umbrellas. The train was great we had the carriage just for us every one got a window seat. Ron and Jenni got to sit on the back outside. What a fun journey. What fun it was waving to everyone along the way.

Castle Maine we all split up for a while then met up at the Tourism centre which was a lovely old building, under cover and offered heaps of space for the whole group…shelter from the drizzle and a chance to eat subway ( hint next time get some hot chips too) we then split up to wander a huge group of us ended up in Chicken feed buying costume stuff and sheltering from the rain. We even tried out the tables and chairs and relaxed for a while.

Then the rained stopped enough for us all to get back to the train. Everyone was really tired. Jenni made friends with every one.

Caleb’s chair got a flat just as we got off the train, lucky we had the bus there to bring a few home.

Dom found the Idol…Jorge got the Spam both won prizes..

After dinner was party night. There was heaps of decorations, cup cakes and balloons ( which Mark was kind enough to pop before everyone else turned up. Tomas sang YMCA for everyone. Everyone was really worn out by the big day and wanted to go to


Home day with out incident.

All campers and carers left happy tired and full.