CampMDA # 82

4th July to the 7th July 2011
SunnyStones, Bacchus Marsh


1. Brendan Aurisch
2. Ronald Bone
3. Luke David
4. Dominic Di Battista
5. Daniel George
6. Caleb Matatolu
7. Aminiasi Matatolu
8. Daniel Maugeri
9. Matthew Maugeri
10.Thomas McGann
11.Angus McMahon
12.Josh Rycken
13.Duol Thiep


Rufina Aldeano
Ian Denney
Stacey Morren
Ken Forbes
Joseph Cara
Maeve Blake
Ashleigh Lamont
Kimberly Luglug
tara stillbeck
racheal couch
Mia Copic
Ellie Goulding
angela smith
kristy Bockee
Murray Paternoster
Fiona Campbell


Monday  4th

We left on time….Woo Hoo Yeah team US. Yuumy Sausage sizzle on arrival to camp.

When we arrived we discovered the hoist would not fit under the trundle beds as originally planned. The Sunnystones , Ken and Fiona started the creative moving of bunks and beds.  10 points for their special awareness.   All the campers quickly settled in with their carers.

Spending the cold afternoon in front of a fire everyone enjoyed the warmth of the fire and the connection between friends.

The carers had to face new challenges of their own but all took on the job well.

Dinner was fantastic Chicken Schnitzels Chips and Salad with Danish and ice cream for dessert.


A rainy morning greeted us but the fire kept us warm. Daniel M had worked hard at MDA during his 2 week work experience the month before camp and created a great Trivia morning. Everyone joined in

After a lunch of Chicken burgers and fruit . We spent the afternoon watching Movies, doing craft activities playing Wii and talking. Hot chocolate was made by Mia on of the carers, this was possibly the worst hot chocolate any one has ever had the displeasure to taste……sugar would have been a good addition!!

A small group of the older boys went for a drive to Melton

Dinner of Spag Bol was very yummy so was the chocolate pudding. We all went to bed with very full tummies.

A small


A quiet sleep in then a friendly and fun round of Boggle!!!!

After lunch the campers and carers took on the reverse art challenge. Their mission was to build a Time Machine. Two teams raced  towards the finish … The boys had ingenious designs and it was a lot of fun. The winning team was Brendan,Josh,Daniel and Duol.

We had a scummy lunch then an afternoon of Wii, movies, chats and a sit in the sun.

After dinner we had our Chocolate Fountain night…..I don’t think anyone could have eaten more fruit that night than us…..Chocolate a plenty…..YUM oh my did we eat Chocolate…… much so a few of the boys had a bit of a sore tummy.  And high on Sugar we all barely slept?


We journeyed to Geelong to have a Tour of the Ford Motor company factory…Very informative and very cool cars…

Murray packed the bus up for the return journey and found the gear nut had fallen off!!! So a quick trip to the mechanic saw him and the others join up with us all at Hungry Jack…We had two visitors Alan Quaid and Mrs. McMahon joined us. Yes the staff there was a tad surprised to be asked for 23 jacks’ packs…so much food….an extra hamburger  ended up on the tow bar of the bus!!! It stayed there till the Friday return trip…..that burger looked the same as when it was brought….scary….

That night we had a MDA Christmas in July with roast and pudding and presents for all.


We woke for a late breakfast and to head home. Unfortunately the hoist in Daniel George car broke down at Sunnystones but it all worked out in the end.



The chocolate Fountain…….the hamburger……….