CampMDA # 83

2nd -7th October 2011
Lady Northcote, Bacchus Marsh


1. Daniel Moran
2. Daniel Maugeri
3. Jamie McBryde
4. Dominic Di Battista
5. Caydn Foley
6. Keelin Foley
7. Matthew Maugeri
8. Lee Noyes
9. Aminiasi Matatolu
10.Brendan Aurisch
11.Michael Murdaca
12.Domenic Murdaca
13.Thomas McGann
14.Jules North-Coombes
15.Luke David
16.Dominic Renye
17.Russell Cameron
18.Ryan Deayton
19.Jack Evans
20.Claudia Forsberg
21.Joanne Imke
22.Emma Jones
23.Robin Prem
24.Angus McMahon
25.Jorge Garcia
26.Caleb Matatolu
27.Ryan Williams


David Sculac
Jamie Waterland
Julia Mihalic
Ken Forbes
Gregory Thompson
Julia Lazzari
Tara Skilbeck
Ann Arciuli
Emily Powell
David Mitchell
Murray Paternoster
Breanna Sincliar
Zoe Hamilton
Sue Mckee
Amanda Domigan
Shane Smith
Timothy McNeil
Julia Mihalic
Kim Smith
Tanya Jenkins
Erhardt Imke
Tanya Jenkins
Punit Gohil
Timothy Germano
Kellie Parfett
Shannon Dempsey
Abbey Hartigan
Murray Paternoster
Sebastian Elliott (SB’s)
Marie Fleming
Fiona Campbell
Sue Wolfe
Alice Berkeley (SB’S)
Sue McKee
Chelsea Warner (N)


Harry Evans
Emmerson Foley
Rosie Forsberg
Lauren Jones
Hugh McMahon
Brandon Williams

(N) = Nurse
(SB’s) = Siblings




Everyone arrived in one piece and enjoyed the BBQ put on by Rotary. We had a lot of Harley’s in attendance which all enjoyed, which was topped off by the Red Bull Girls. Once everyone was settled into their rooms we had a relaxing afternoon of catching up and enjoyed dinner. The fertilized eggs were plugged in and the waiting started!


Monday morning everyone was slow to rise. Murray ran origami in the morning, followed by beauty treatments with Sue in the afternoon. In the evening we had a great trivia night enjoyed by all. Still just eggs!


Most of the campers thoroughly enjoyed participating in laser tag. Campers and carers were running around the whole campsite shooting each other!

A small group took a day trip to Bacchus Marsh and enjoyed lunch out.

The afternoon saw yabbying and arts and crafts. Still just eggs!

In the evening we played a game designed by Murray-name unknown!


A lazy morning after being worn out on Tuesday. In the afternoon campers did a scavenger hunt. In the evening movie night was enjoyed by all! Still just eggs!


We woke up to 2 chickens! All chickens hatched throughout the day. Yay!

Paul from Boccia Australia came to do a workshop on the sport which all thoroughly enjoyed. This took most of the day!

In the afternoon we also had a demonstration by Captain Ruin which was entertaining!

Party night went off with a bang, enjoyed by all. The chocolate fountain and fairy floss machines were a hit! We even played musical chairs!


We had brunch at 10:30 am, all were busy packing up and getting ready to go home! Left campsite by 12:30.


Chocolate fountain, laser tag.