CampMDA # 84

29th January to 3rd February 2012
Camp Manyung Mt Eliza


1. Ryan Struk
2. Aminiasi Matatolu
4. 3. Angus McMahon
5. Brendan Aurisch
6. Daniel Maugeri
7. Caleb Matatolu
8. Daniel Moran
9. Domenic Murdaca
10.Domenic Renye
11.Dominic Di Battista
12.Jack Dexter
13.Jack Evans
14.James North-Coombes
15.Jamie McBryde
16.Jordan Daniels
17.Jorge Garcia
18.Josh Ryken
19.Jules North-Coombes
20.Lee Noyes
21.Luke David
22.Matthew Maugeri
23.Michael Murdaca
24.Robin Prem
25.Russel Cameron
26.Ryan Deayton
27.Sarina Hoxey
28.Shaun Deayton
29.Thomas McGann


Boris M Struk
Aaron Moore
Bianca Butterworth
Elena Ladlow
Bridget Hannah
Ellyce Pryor
Emily Mayne
Grace Billing
Hannah Whatley
Lauren Tudball
Melissa Brown
Michelle Graham
Patricia Balardo
Sarah Farrugia
Sophie Ellis
Tess Anderson
Tracey Sangster
Jodie Sullivan
Anne Arciuli
Amanda Domigan
David Sculac
Emily Powell
Julia Mihalic
Ken Forbes
Monique Renye
Murray Paternoster
Rachael Couch
Shane Smith
Tara Skilbeck
Sue McKee
Rebecca Zammit
Sandra Sereno
Susan Wolfe




We arrived at Camp Manyung at around 12pm. Traffic was fantastic on the way in. The weather was terrible! Stinking hot! It was pretty quiet as far as activities go. We played a very quick game of getting to know you bingo and then everyone settled in to their rooms.

After dinner we put a movie on in the rec room-Transformers Dark Side of the Moon. A group of the younger guys decided to watch a movie on a lap top in one of the rooms.


We all slowly fell out of bed on Monday morning. It was again warm and really muggy all day-but also poured with rain! There was supposed to be a CFA visit in the morning-but the fire chief forgot about us! The rest of our campers and carers arrived after attending the Big Day Out on Sunday. Paul came out to visit the campsite and ran a workshop on Boccia. This took up most of the afternoon. Paul believes there may be a few superstars in our midst and hopefully they will take up the sport.

After Boccia some of our lovely students who were camper-less on the first day ran an activity of animal bingo and celebrity heads.

Ben Murphy the magician put on a great show after dinner. Angus, Serena and one of the students Aaron were great volunteers during the show. Sue McKee almost had her head chopped off in the guillotine! Ben made some great very subtle jokes that had a few of the older guys in fits.  After the show we put on another movie for the few people that stuck around before heading off to bed.


Tuesday morning we finally had a visit from the CFA. The younger guys were fascinated by the trucks-especially Jack who waited in the dining room, looking out the window so that he could watch them come in! The firemen sprayed some foam on the grass that they use to put out fires. It was very tempting for the guys to drive their wheelchairs through it-but thankfully everyone was sensible. The CFA stuck around for quite a while, even though some people disappeared as soon as it started to rain. In the afternoon we played Laser Skirmish on the basketball courts which everyone seemed to enjoy.

After dinner was our trivia night, with team A taking out the prize.


Wednesday morning we had a visit from Kevin and Cliff with their remote control planes. The stunts these planes could do were amazing! Everyone’s favourite chocolate chip cookies came out for the second time this week and were quickly devoured! In the afternoon the teams did preparation work for the parody competition. We had a few campers off into town for the day so we had to split up one of the teams. The campers then played a game of actionary where they had to draw, act out or sculpt out of play dough all the words on our list. After dinner the teams performed their parodies. Somehow we ended up with one of the four groups being huge as the missing campers all joined the one team! There

were parodies to Pumped up Kicks, Moves Like Jagger, Sexy and I know it and Firework. The winning team was the very large Firework team-but all the parodies were very creative and entertaining.


Thursday morning was pretty chilled with the campers making lei’s for party night. After lunch half the campers and some carers went down to the Morning Star Estate winery for some wine tasting and coffee. While we were gone the remaining campers and carers played the matchstick game and created some incredible things out of tiny matchsticks. We had a very creative bunch of campers and carers on this camp! Before dinner there was also a scavenger hunt through the campsite.

Party night was Hawaiian themed and everyone looked fantastic! The students put on a silly dance for the campers to Mambo number 5 and we played several games of musical spots with the campers and musical chairs with the carers-led by Murray. There were yummy lamingtons and party food,  lots of dancing and great music and everyone stayed up far too late!


Friday morning was pack up morning and we all sat down for a yummy brunch of pizza, party pies, sausage rolls and once again the chocolate chip cookies! Everyone chipped in and we had all left the campsite by 12:30 to head home.


Chocolate chip cookies, Laser Skirmish