CampMDA # 85

31st March to 4th April 2012
Derby Hill, Maldon


1. Aminiasi Matatolu
2. Angus McMahon
3. Bohe May
4. Caleb Matatolu
5. Daniel George
6. Daniel Maugeri
7. Daniel Moran
8. Domenic Murdaca
9. Dominic Di Batista
10.Lee Noyes
11.Matthew Maugeri
12.Phillip Glassborow
13.Robbie McAlpine
14.Ryan Deayton
15.Ryan May
16.Shaun Deayton
17.Thomas McGann
18.Thomas Scanlon


Boris M Struk
Ashleigh May
Brittany Vredenbregt
Caitlyn Murphy
Choe O’Connor
Hiu Tung Chan (Jane)
Hiu Ying (Ygrain) Chan
Jenna Noonan
Jessica Vecoli
Katherine Beath
Samantha Hewitt
Simone Ziemer
Serenity Chriscoll
Sophie Schultz
Corey Holmes
David Sculac
Julia Mihalic
Ken Forbes
Murray Paternoster
Punit Gohil
Shane Smith
Sue McKee
Tanya Jenkinson
Tara Skilbeck
Jenny Bull
Rebecca Zammit
Sandra Sereno
Susan Wolfe




 The morning started without a hitch. All the campers and carers coming to camp with MDA met at the offices in North Melbourne early. We had a really good run into Maldon even though the Transit refused to go above 80km with the trailer attached!

We arrived at the campsite and had some lunch. Then we played a few getting to know you games with everyone in the rec room before free time to unpack etc. Dinner was spaghetti bolognaise followed by chocolate mousse. We then sang happy birthday to Bohe who turned 12 today.

It was movie night, with the camper’s enjoying How to Train Your Dragon and Red Dog. There were definitely some wet eyes after watching Red Dog.


Everyone was nice and refreshed in the morning as we all gained an extra hour sleep with Daylight Savings ending. Unfortunately for some carers, this meant a few campers rose a bit too early! After breakfast we walked to the local CFA. One of the volunteer firefighters gave a talk and showed everyone the tankers and equipment. We then all chilled out and walked around the town for the morning.

After a very quick lunch, we went to Carmen’s Tunnel in two groups. The tour guide took us through the mine and explained it’s history and how almost no gold was found! Some of us were quite surprised to discover that the mine was used as a hospital during an influenza outbreak in the middle of a heat wave!

In the afternoon, Mike from Derby Hill lit a camp fire and some of us made damper. A group of the older campers went down to the local pub for a couple of hours.

We had another birthday today with Jane turning 21! We sang happy birthday again and sat around the camp fire toasting marshmallows and telling stories. Bohe’s stories were very creative, especially the one about 5 spooky houses!


 The morning had us attempting to complete Derby Hill’s Town Walk and Orienteering Questionnaire. We quickly discovered that one part of the walk was not suitable for electric wheelchairs when Dom Murdaca got stranded halfway up a hill on a gravel road! Luckily Sue and David came to the rescue with the Hiace and with some muscles and teamwork we managed to get Dom safely back to camp to reset his chair.

Boris and Jenny arrived at camp just in time for lunch!

After lunch, Mike and Rueben, a local drama teacher and his son, came out to Derby Hill to run Theatre Sports. This was a very entertaining activity where most of the campers got involved and we had lots of laughs.

Instead of the dining room where it had been held the last 2 days, we held the carer meeting under the dining room in unit 11. As a few of the students went to sit down, they discovered there was a dead mouse on the floor! Some of the students were very scared, one of them even jumped up on the bunk! Sophie was the hero of the day and got rid of the mouse.

After dinner we had more birthday cake as Brittany turned 20. The evening’s activity was trivia which had been researched and written up by Tom McGann. Tom did an amazing job!


 After another great breakfast and some free time in the morning, a team from Bendigo Bunnings came to camp to help the campers make wooden pencil cases. This was a great chance for everyone to show off their awesome woodworking skills.

After lunch, Darren from Reptile Encounters bought some critters out to visit us. He had stick insects, lizards, a goanna, frogs, snakes and even a salt water crocodile! Lots of the campers and carers were very brave and had the snakes around their necks and some even held the crocodile!

Party night was good with some amazing under the sea and pirate costumes. Daniel George took out the best costume prize! Party night finished up a bit earlier than usual and everyone was in bed by midnight!


 We all slept in a little but everyone was up and ready for brunch at 10:30. Derby Hill had put on a great brunch with party pies and sausage rolls, quiche, toasted sandwiches, chicken nuggets, fruit and way too many sweets! Pack up went well and we were all on our way home at 12pm.


Theatre sports and Reptile Encounters