CampMDA # 9

12th – 16th April, 1993

Cave Hill Creek


1.Darren Sinkinson
2.Jeremy Goding
3.Kieran Dix
4.David Perram
5.Ryan Struk
6.Nathan Price
7.Danny Myers
8.Ben Lyster
9.Paul Scalora
10.Ben McKenzie
11.Garth Lamont
12.David Watts
13.Joseph Autelitano
14.Steven Lyon
15.Garry McCracken

Catherine B
Fiona C
Tim Kelso
Fiona I
Abbey Blackshaw
Debra P
Gordon Perram
Samantha W
Matt W
Catherine Long
Louise Gilbert
Sarah Moon
Jacqui Ridley
Ron McKenzie
Natasha Lonsdale
Katherine Wishart
Corrie Hodgkisson


Activities included: Orienteering, hockey, a disco on the last night, trip to a winery, a day trip to Sovereign Hill and many a camp fire.


The disco on the last night was very sedate, but very enjoyable. Orienteering was fun. Food and drinks were readily available, but the quality needed improving. The kangaroos tried to join in on the fun of the camp as they hopped around the campsite. The trip to Sovereign Hill was great as was the camp fire and damper; the only shame was that it rained.