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Client Support

Client Support Client Support with the MDA involves referrals, information, whether it is disorder specific, equipment, medical or Allied Health provider support. MDA provides regular welfare calls as part of the network and relationship established with the client and their family. In some cases, the lead comes from the medical practitioner asking what support MDA [...]

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Case Co-ordination

Case Co-ordination This service directs clients to the right support agency, assisting with any questions or advice needed and helping with the completion of paperwork and applications where necessary.  Further, it involves assisting with planning and how best to achieve the results to your needs, especially with the NDIA / NDIS Transition. Sourcing funding options, concessions [...]

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Carer Support

Carer Support MDA aims to assist carers in their role to act quickly and in an informed way. Support is provided in the form of welfare calls, information and recommendations to specific services when needed. This service intends to help show clients there is always someone out there to call and discuss a variety of [...]

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