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Happy New Year to all and can you believe we are already 1/12th of the way through 2018! We are gearing up for yet another busy year, with ISO 2015 Certification and our raft of programs, services, research funding and our usual major fundraising events, with Run for Strength on Sunday 18 February being the [...]

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NDIS – implementation will create a new landscape

All great changes are preceded by uncertainty With the roll-out of the NDIS, the service delivery landscape in the disability sector will forever change in Australia. For some, this change will bring a certainty in the sourcing of support services while for others it will raise unrealistic expectations of what the NDIS will provide to [...]

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In the News – My Opinion…

This week one of MDA’s clients was in The Age discussing an issue and obstacle many of our clients face that we believe is just not good enough. The issue is essentially that our clients are being asked to prove they are disabled. Not only is this showing a serious lack of awareness, it is [...]

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Media Centre

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From the Desk – January 2008

From the Desk - January 2008 Another year has passed and all too quickly for those of us waiting for a timely solution for Muscular Dystrophy. The year has seen many significant gains in research and clinical knowledge and an increase in many support services conducted by the MDA. These services go a long way [...]

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From the Desk – April 2009

From the Desk - April 2009 So much has happened since the rollover to 2009, the pace at MDA can only be described as frenetic. The year started with National CampMDA in January, attracting campers from all points of the compass. Now here we are in early April, with the second CampMDA for 2009 being [...]

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From the Desk – October 2009

From the Desk - October 2009 Politics In February, Labor Senator for Queensland Jan McLucas brought the problems of MD quite compellingly to the attention of politicians in Federal Parliament. Senator McLucas spoke to our country’s leaders with a focus on the need for improved services, research and support of our MD community. Highlighting again [...]

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