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Clinical trials: Your questions answered

Clinical trials: Your questions answered Promising new treatments for many muscle and nerve conditions have been developed in recent years, promising enough in fact, for pharmaceutical companies and other funding bodies to invest in expensive clinical trials. On average only about one fifth of treatments that go to clinical trial are proven to be safe [...]

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MDA’s $1,000,000 Making a Difference

MDA Support of “Muscle Clinic” at RCH exceeds $1,000,000 creating world’s first dedicated multi-disciplinary Clinic Sometimes we need a reminder to realise just how far Muscular Dystrophy Australia’s support of the MD Community extends. The relationship between the MDA and RCH goes back some 26 years, when MDA was funding a dedicated MD Social Worker [...]

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Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) – Spanish

Información General sobre la Enfermedad de Charcot-Marie-Tooth La Enfermedad de Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) se encuentra dispersada en todas las razas y grupos étnicos. Esta enfermedad fue descubierta en 1886 por tres médicos, Jean-Martin-Charcot, Pierre Marie y Howard Henry Tooth. Las personas que sufren de la enfermedad de CMT, poco a poco van perdiendo el uso normal [...]

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NDIS – implementation will create a new landscape

All great changes are preceded by uncertainty With the roll-out of the NDIS, the service delivery landscape in the disability sector will forever change in Australia. For some, this change will bring a certainty in the sourcing of support services while for others it will raise unrealistic expectations of what the NDIS will provide to [...]

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Volunteer Assist

Volunteer Assist We have many opportunities for members of the community to volunteer their services in a worthy and rewarding environment. From general administration, helping with the many special adult and children’s activities or helping with the many special fundraising events we have at MDA. Opportunities to volunteer include National Superhero Week, Run for Strength [...]

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Non-Government Liaison

Non-Government Liaison MDA aims to provide support to external agencies, which in turn further supports our clients. Councils, care providers, allied service providers and more all access our expertise on the condition, the timeline and any equipment providers we may have access to. In the case of supporting Case Managers, our information and background in [...]

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