MDA in The Sunday Age & Sydney Morning Herald

MDA was in the Sunday Age as well as online in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age online talking about the importance of NDIS funding student placements, so respite programs such as CampMDA can continue. Uncertainty over how the National Disability Insurance Scheme will fund student placements could lead to "a generation of workers [...]

NDIS – implementation will create a new landscape

All great changes are preceded by uncertainty With the roll-out of the NDIS, the service delivery landscape in the disability sector will forever change in Australia. For some, this change will bring a certainty in the sourcing of support services while for others it will raise unrealistic expectations of what the NDIS will provide to [...]

Student Placement

Student Placement MDA welcomes tertiary allied health students who would benefit from the opportunity to apply real life knowledge and skills from their studies. MDA provides student placements both on and off site, running four camps per year which allow clients to have 24 hour 1:1 care. The client experiences a wide range of activities [...]

Client Support

Client Support Client Support with the MDA involves referrals, information, whether it is disorder specific, equipment, medical or Allied Health provider support. MDA provides regular welfare calls as part of the network and relationship established with the client and their family. In some cases, the lead comes from the medical practitioner asking what support MDA [...]

Case Co-ordination

Case Co-ordination This service directs clients to the right support agency, assisting with any questions or advice needed and helping with the completion of paperwork and applications where necessary.  Further, it involves assisting with planning and how best to achieve the results to your needs, especially with the NDIA / NDIS Transition. Sourcing funding options, concessions [...]

Carer Support

Carer Support Caring can be very demanding and affects the lives of carers and their families. Carers are often left to bear too much responsibility for the person they care for without enough support. Carers’ health and wellbeing can suffer as a result. They can also feel socially isolated and financially disadvantaged, this is why [...]

Activity Group – Children

Activity Group - Children Designed for children and providing social interaction, activities for varying interests and abilities, with an emphasis on having fun, meeting new people and making new friends, as well as relaxing in a safe and inviting environment. These activities happen at the MDA Offices and at off site locations and are facilitated [...]

Activity Group – Adult

Activity Group - Adult Designed for adults and providing social interaction, activities of varying interests, with an emphasis on networking and the opportunity to relax in a warm environment. The activities happen at the MDA Offices and at off site locations, these activities are facilitated and funded by the MDA. Adult activity groups are a great [...]