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101 Questions About MD

101 Questions About MD Q1. What is muscular dystrophy? Muscular dystrophy is the name applied to a group of diseases that are, for the most part, genetically determined and cause gradual wasting of muscle with accompanying weakness. Q2. Are these conditions contagious? No. Q3. What is the common kind of muscular dystrophy, the type that [...]

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Information and Quick Facts for Schools

Information and Quick Facts for Schools NOTES FOR TEACHERS, AIDES and STAFF WHERE A STUDENT WITH MD ATTENDS THE SCHOOL About the Student: Q. How do I get information about what the student will need? A.  There are many sources of information that you are able to utilize. Parents of a student with Muscular Dystrophy [...]

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Discussing MD with Children

Discussing MD with Children - for Parents & Caregivers This relates particularly to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and to discussions involving the affected child, siblings, friends and interested / responsible adults 1. When parents find that a child has a severe illness they experience a sense of shock. When the illness is severe, prolonged, debilitating and [...]

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Ryan Struk Congratulations

Congratulations Ryan Struk!   Muscular Dystrophy Australia would like to congratulate Ryan Struk on recently completing his Bachelor of Arts with distinction (majoring in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies) at Deakin University. Ryan has been a diligent student and dedicated himself to his studies, with all of his hard work paying off on Thursday [...]

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