MDA is pleased to introduce Tegan Dunne

My experience and background is in agency side PR and communications, having worked with a global organisation for nearly three years before coming in-house with MDA. I have worked on a wide cross sector of PR and communications including corporate, consumer, health, not-for-profit, and NGO.

My passion and reason for my chosen career path is the not-for-profit sector and I was extremely excited to commence my role with MDA. I have a background in journalism as well as communications, however my drive to support the not-for-profit sector is ultimately what led me to choose PR and communications, as I believe communication is a very powerful tool and if used correctly, it can assimilate change and transform people’s lives.

Growing up in a small town really helped me gain a sense of community spirit and how important it is and since then I have always wanted to work very closely with local communities. When I am not at work I love my yoga classes, eating my way around Melbourne and I also find there is nothing better than sitting back and sinking your teeth into a good book!

Outside of my previous agency work, I have undertaken volunteer communications roles with not-for-profits such as YGAP and The Reach Foundation and found this type of work challenging and very rewarding. My aim is to work with Boris and the team to help grow our current fundraisers and events, as well as introducing some new and exciting events, campaigns, ambassadors and partnerships to help raise MDA’s profile in the media as well as amongst the MD community and stakeholders. All of this will be done with the aim of raising funds and awareness so we can continue the programs, research, services and support provided by MDA.

I hope to soon meet with many different people from the MD community at our events and fundraisers and I look forward to playing my part in continuing the essential support and services MDA provides.

It’s a warm welcome to MDA we extend to Tegan Dunne.

Tegan Dunne

Tegan Dunne